Agile London calling!

Agile London calling!

A story of four Siilis on a journey to Agile in the City conference in London to explore ways to give organizations an agile boost.


Where could one get inspiration for taking the next step as an agile professional?

That was THE question in all of our minds during April, and after some scheduling, searching, negotiating, and confirming our teammates, we were certain that it would be our first time in Agile in the City: London.


And now, more than two months later and after an 1800 kilometers flight from Siili Solutions’ Helsinki office we’re sitting in Brewdog and the conference is less than 15 hours away.

So, what can you expect from an international agile conference?

Talks, of course. Discussions, even more. Keynote, why not. The big theme was rising among us, views from other agile enthusiasts. Everyone in their daily work life struggles with problems, but are the problems the same regardless of the person working?


As we are having lunch our discussions flow on what to expect for the next few days. How are people managing agile in large scale? Can you actually make things work with truly large companies? In other words: How to give your organization an agile boost? That is what we expect to hear on Thursday.


The conference has many hands-on workshops and one of the interesting ones happens on Friday and is about retrospectives. Why is this so interesting? Well, we are arranging an internal workshop to get more out of our retrospectives and this will definitely give us new views for that.

Quick retro and a glimpse for future from Agile in the city: London

Agile in the City conference in London is over and we have returned to our daily work in Siili Solutions, but something has changed. The opening keynote by Olaf Lewitz made us think how to be more present, more aware and more engaged to the tasks and activities we are performing. And this allows us to be more surprised by change, think differently and finally, have an impact and be the ones making the waves of complexity, not the ones who just compete against them.


"Think how to be more present, more aware and more engaged to the tasks and activities we are performing."


One revelation regarding the keynote was that we are always working with other human beings. This was enforced by the first hands-on workshop.  With a quote: “There is no one else to help you in this world than another human being.” Perspective and being actually present is one of the most important things in an agile workplace.



All the things we have taken with us are important. We are not here to compare or compete. As great believers in transparency both as individuals and as a company we are presenting our findings in a collective event which is open for all our employees.



Agile in the City has given us many ideas, thoughts and action points that we want to take with us in our daily lives and share with our coworkers. After all, you have to take everyone to the journey to actually be agile not just talk agile.


Culture doesn’t change by itself, so we all need to be the Lean, mean Agile machine_!

Eetu, Jussi, Miikka and Mikko