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Revolutionizing point-of-care testing

Fepod offer healthcare professionals a fast and simple solution for measuring the blood concentration of paracetamol, opioids, and other pain medicine directly at the point-of-care using a mobile phone, a potentiostat, and disposable sampling sensors. Accurate results can be obtained in seconds.

Measure the blood concentration of paracetamol

Fepod is developing and commercialising a next generation point-of-care blood analytics method. This technology is based on years of research at Aalto University, cutting-edge technology and nano materials.


The testing process is fast and simple with results available in seconds. This novel and portable analytics method open a lot of new, exciting possibilities in the world of digital healthcare.​


Point of care solutions now vital

Faster access to diagnosis, allowing patients and residents to quickly get the care they need. Faster access to treatments due to faster diagnosis by nurses and physicians. Less time spent in hospital. Reduced risk of medical complications.


Developed and researched at Aalto University and HUS, Fepod revolutionizes pain medication measurement for healthcare workers by enabling direct analysis from a blood sample. Siili plays a crucial role in supporting the development of a digital solution at the core of this ground-breaking technology.


Sympathetic development

Siili and Fepod started the journey by commencing with a Design Sprint. Aspects such as blood measurement and the related process were all taken into account when considering how to develop the solution.


Ensuring patient safety, especially in high-stress situations, required a seamless user experience. To achieve this, Siili together with Fepod professionals, examined customer journeys, user flows, and conducted prototype testing in realistic environments.

Enhancing safety through a seamless UX

By mapping out the user journey and addressing potential pain points, the specific and perceived needs of healthcare professionals were met. Designing intuitive user flows played a pivotal role in streamlining any experience.


With the above in mind, complexity and confusion were minimized, enabling users of the technology to focus on delivering quality care. Through prototype testing in realistic environments, valuable feedback was gathered, leading to iterative improvements and refinements. The collaborative efforts of healthcare experts, designers, and developers were instrumental in fine-tuning the user experience, ultimately all in the pursuit of enhancing patient safety.

The deliverables from Siili have routinely been more than what we anticipated. What truly impressed me about Samuel Rautiainen, Mika Pöntinen, and Teemu Kumpulainen was how effortless it was to collaborate with the team. They demonstrated a remarkable ability to act upon their own initiative and were exceptionally proactive as a result. The outcome has more than surpassed our expectations.

Antti Rasi, Co-founder & CIO


Why Fepod matters?

New possibilities for healthcare



The testing process is rapid and uncomplicated and you can obtain instant results right at the point of care. No more sending the sample to a hospital laboratory! The testing setup uses a regular mobile phone, a compact and cost-effective potentiostat, and disposable sampling sensors that can be easily manufactured in large quantities.



This innovation signifies a transformative shift in the entire process of diagnosing specific patient groups and tailoring treatments to effectively meet their needs. With the introduction of an affordable and user-friendly diagnostics method, personalized treatment approaches can be significantly enhanced. Undoubtedly, this represents a major game-changer in the field.



Aalto University has been involved in researching and continuously enhancing the technology. These studies have demonstrated its capability to detect specific opioids and paracetamol in human blood. Ongoing initiatives include further testing, clinical trials at Helsinki University Hospital (HUS), and continuous sensor development.


Real-time measurement on hand

The customizable app enhances user experience by controlling the measurement device, collecting patient data, and transmitting it to a Cloud service for machine learning analysis. With an intuitive user interface, the app guides users through the process and provides reliable information for actionable insights.


The app seamlessly integrates with the measurement device, ensuring complete control and accurate data collection. By leveraging machine learning, the Cloud service analyzes the collected data to generate valuable insights. The user interface simplifies the user experience, allowing healthcare professionals to easily navigate and interpret the results. With reliable information at hand, users can make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to improve patient care.

Learning is enabled with a good partner

What We Did And How

  • UX/UI design


    User research


    Software development

    Material UI

  • React Native



    Bluetooth Low Energy

    Web Serial Api

    Azure DevOps



    Azure B2C

    Azure AD B2C

    Azure SQL

    Azure Key vault

    Azure Storage

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