Last updated: 25 May 2023

Siili Solutions Plc and its group companies understand the importance of the protection of personal data. Taking care of data protection is a part of Siili Group’s compliance operations and responsible operating principles.

This data protection portal provides general information about Siili Group’s data protection practices. 

Data Protection Principles

In all personal data processing activities, Siili Group complies with its data protection policy, other relevant guidelines, and applicable legislation. 

When processing personal data, we observe and implement the following principles:

Lawfulness, fairness, and transparency

We ensure that the processing of personal data is lawful, appropriate, and transparent for the data subject. We inform the data subjects of what personal data is collected of them, for what purpose, how the personal data is processed and what kind of rights do they have. All data protection information and communication are designed to be easily understandable and accessible.

Purpose limitation

We process personal data in accordance with purposes of uses that are always defined and documented in advance. Our processing of personal data is compatible with the original purposes of uses.

Data minimization

We collect and process only appropriate and relevant personal data that is necessary for the purposes of use in question. We regularly assess the necessity of personal data.

Data accuracy

We keep personal data accurate and up to date. We take necessary actions to rectify or delete inaccurate or outdated personal data without delay.

Storage limitation

We store personal data in such a format that the data subject can be identified only for as long as necessary for the purposes of the processing. We define storage periods for the personal data.

Confidentiality and security

We ensure adequate data security for personal data by, for example, protecting ourselves against unauthorized and unlawful processing and the destruction of data by using appropriate technical and organizational measures.


We ensure that all our personal data processing is in compliant with these data processing principles. Furthermore, as necessary, we support this compliance with appropriate documentation.

Data Protection Organization

We have assigned data protection ownership within our senior management. On the operational level, our Legal Counsel addresses daily data protection matters as well as leads longer term data protection planning and compliance control. In addition, we have appointed persons who are responsible for data protection in each Siili group company.

Each Siili employee is for their own part responsible for the realization of data protection in the company. We provide mandatory data protection and information security training to our personnel as part of their tasks.

Data Protection Statements

Siili acts as a data controller of the personal data of its employee candidates, employees, subcontractors as well as its customers and other cooperation partners. You can read our data protection statements hereunder.

Employee Candidate Data Protection Statement
Employee Data Protection Statement
Subcontractor Data Protection Statement
Customer Contact Data Protection Statement


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Contact Information

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