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We encompass digital excellence across a broad spectrum, ranging from maritime solutions to the public sector.

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Siili Industries

Key industries

Siili Industries | Banking


Building secure, reliable, client focused banking solutions standing the test of time.

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Siili Industries | Industrial


Driving digitalization across segment, leveraging necessary technology to create industrial pioneers.

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We are here to guide your InsurTech business through digital and AI transformation.

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Siili Industries | Public sector

Public sector

Developing solutions for an evolving public sector, emphasizing people-centricity, digital services, citizen engagement, and seamless information sharing.

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Attaining operative excellence and efficiency in port visits, Maritime Single Window (MSW/EMSW), and operative fleet optimization.

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Other industries


Enabling a data-driven, digitally focused future for retail amidst unprecedented challenges. 

Olli Sorvari

Business Unit Director

Siili Industries | Retail

Energy & Utilities

Revolutionizing energy & utilities, optimizing energy generation, distribution, and consumption through advanced technologies. 

Markku Savusalo

Commercial Director, Head of BU



Reshaping media through digital innovation, enhancing content creation, distribution, and audience engagement.

Taneli Eisto

Senior Sales Manager, Key Accounts

Siili Industries | Media

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