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Creating solutions for an evolving public sector with an emphasis on people-centricity, digital services, citizen engagement, and seamless information sharing.


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We are building the most impactful services for society, which are used by millions of Finns. We are improving the everyday life, existence, and well-being of every citizen.

Business Innovation

Digital transformation is led by culture, not technology. The combination of culture, strategy, and technology transforms a strong and caring society into a more efficient one and helps understand individual, community, and cultural needs.

Technological Innovation

We challenge norms by putting users, stakeholders and customers at the center of digitalization leadership. We introduce best practices, operational models, and technologies to enhance operations. We transform the traditional digital project value chain through an agile culture of experimentation. This way, we ensure winning technologies and focus on the most value-added activities.

Core message & thought leadership

Leading the discourse

We focus on change management in digital projects, the impact of EU regulations on data processing, the benefits of artificial intelligence in public administration, the development of accessible services, and the efficiency enhancement of public administration through digitalization.

Guiding themes

We pay attention to the economic recession and the need for efficiency, the aging population, individual well-being, emphasis on sustainability and carbon emissions reduction, as well as ecosystem thinking and multi-level change projects.

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Jarno Rikama

Jarno Rikama

Director, Public Services, Tampere Site Lead

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