Cookie Statement

Cookie Statement

Siili Solutions Oyj
Last updated 21th March 2018 

This Cookie Statement provides information about our use of cookies in our website.

We use cookies to ensure the best experience on our website. You accept the use of cookies by allowing them in your browser settings and continue using the website. You can reject cookies any time by changing your browser settings.

From time to time, we (Siili Solutions Oyj, Finnish Business ID 1979903-5) may place information,  commonly known as a “cookie”, on your computer or device allowing us to recognize your web browser  provided that you have allowed placing of cookies on your computer or device in the web browser settings. Cookies are generally small text files stored in your computer or device. We may use cookies which save information on your computer or device permanently (permanent cookies) or cookies which disappear when you close the web browser (session cookies). Use and storing of cookies does not harm your computer or device.

Typically, cookies enable us to collect certain information regarding your computer or device, including your internet protocol (IP) address, your computer’s or devices operating system, your web browser type and the address of any linking websites. Our cookies are intended to provide us with information on how you use our website and consequently enable improvements to it. We may also create segmentations on our website visitors and personalize and optimize our website contents.

Besides our own cookies, we may use a range of third-party cookies in our website. Such third-party cookies include, among others, Hotjar, Optimizely, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Twitter-API, LinkedIn API and Hubspot cookies. We encourage you to refer to the data protection statements, policies, notices or similar information documents of each third-party cookie provider separately for detailed information on their data protection practices.

You may reject the cookies by changing the setting on your web browser that allows you to refuse from storage and use of some or all cookies. Please review your web browser settings to verify whether and to what extent cookies are initially allowed in your web browser.  Information on rejecting and deleting cookies in different web browsers is available e.g. here. Kindly note, that if you reject some or all cookies, you may not be able to access and use all or certain parts of the website or the website experience may not be the same you have been accustomed to earlier.

If you need further information concerning our cookies or our data protection in general, please email us.