The Quality policy for Siili PLC

Last update: 11.8.2021


Siili’s quality policy is based on Siili’s values and ethical principles (code of conduct), which guide Siili’s operations and are the cornerstones of quality policy. We believe in self-direction, Lean thinking and continuous improvement. Siili's quality policy supports the realization of Siili’s strategic goals.

The quality policy is reviewed by Siili's management team and approved by the CEO.The Top Management is accountable for the Quality Policy and Quality Management System as Quality Manager is responsible for them. (C.5.3)


Siili is a unique combination of a digital agency and a technology powerhouse. We believe in human-centricity in everything we deliver.

We transform visions into stand-out digital strategies, data into clear insights, and ideas into innovations that matter. This makes us the go-to partner when seeking growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage through digital transformation.

We are known as a community of brilliant yet easy-to-approach, honest and hardworking professionals.

Purpose of the quality policy (C.5.1.2)

With a quality policy, we want to demonstrate our commitment to quality and describe our principles of quality management to our staff and stakeholders.

Siili’s quality thinking is based on the fact that quality must be managed at all stages of Siili’s services. Quality must range from understanding the customer's needs to implementing customer-centric solutions, uncompromising and on-time implementation of services in accordance with the customer's requirements.

The goal for Siili is to guide operations by guaranteeing quality and continuous improvement of operations.

Objectives for quality (C.5.2.1.b)

The objective of our quality system is to facilitate the quality policy, repeatability of our basic functions and create measuring tools to enable continual improvement.

Definition of quality for Siili

The quality for Siili means that the service meets the customer's expectations, which is reflected in good employee satisfaction and the customer experience.

Quality culture in Siili (C.5.3)

Every employee has the right and obligation to highlight quality issues if its conditions are not in order or if Siili’s services do not meet the requirements.

Consideration of quality of Siili's services is a common task for all Siili employees, from customer understanding to the implementation of quality services.
The prerequisites for high quality are competence, a professionally proud quality culture, defined and jointly agreed processes and methods of working.

However, if we make a mistake, we will be held liable openly and will correct the mistake we made without delay.

Fulfilling requirements (C.5.2.1.c)

Siili and its employees undertake to comply with the requirements of the legislation in force and to comply with Siili’s values, code of conduct and other Siili guidelines. Siili and its employees are committed to meeting customers lawful requirements.

Measuring quality (C.5.2.1.b)

We regularly measure both customer and employee satisfaction, the number of recruitments and attrition.


Our requirements for quality also apply to our partners and subcontractors.

Continuous improvement (C.5.3.c, C.10.3)

Siili is committed to continuously improving its quality management system. Quality issues are discussed in the management team whenever necessary and at least twice a year.