Our services

Our expertise extends from individual developers to full end-to-end delivery.


Data & AI

Explore new opportunities through insights and automation provided by data and trustworthy, ethical use of artificial intelligence. 

Our interdisciplinary teams create actionable solutions for high business impact. 

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eCommerce & Portals

We define, design, and build optimal experiences using fit-for-purpose technology for lasting impact. 

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Design Services

Helping clients gain value from digital experiences by designing and developing strategies, products, and services.

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Cloud Solutions

Supporting clients in a wide array of Cloud-related questions, from design to innovative solutions to data management. 

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Custom Development

Cross-disciplinary teams seamlessly integrate technology, data, and design to engineer advanced digital solutions and custom applications.

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Embedded Solutions

We offer end-to-end solutions through our expert embedded software engineers, software solutions, HMI, and quality assurance services. 

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Intelligent Automation

Leverage intelligent automation to simplify processes and reduce the need for human intervention, providing significant benefits across multiple industries. 

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How we deliver

Our commitment to delivering excellence is backed by over 1,000 skilled experts and an extensive network of over 5,000 individuals across Europe, ensuring high-quality, cost-effective managed services, professional services, and project deliveries. 

AI Assisted development

Empowering progress, our development teams are proficient in AI-assisted development tools, unlocking a significant leap in software development efficiency.

Digital platforms and reusable assets

Accelerate the journey from idea to market with our expertise. We leverage leading digital platforms and our own reusable assets, transforming timelines from months to weeks.

Distributed delivery model

We strategically build our teams across diverse geographic locations, leveraging robust Nearshore capabilities to deliver substantial cost savings for our clients.

Multidisciplinary end-to-end development

Experience seamless development, all under one roof. Say goodbye to multiple vendors and silos as we guide your project from the initial business concept to full production and provide ongoing maintenance.

Our partners & technologies

Our digital special forces

Our community is built up of a unique combination of digital agencies and technology powerhouses. Contact one of our separate business units, if you need something that fits into their specific know-how.


Your digital innovation partner to turn disruption into an opportunity. We create digital strategies, delightful experiences and robust software for ambitious companies.

Siili Auto

We are the world’s no. 1 creative technology team fully focused on HMI innovation and HMI creation.

Vala Group

VALA is a leading Finnish software quality consultancy company, we offer all services to improve the quality of your software.


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