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Digital Acceleration Partner

Every company needs a partner who can accelerate their digital processes and help create more value. Siili is serving you, whether you are a domestic or global company seeking efficiency, growth and competitive advantage through end-to-end services.

Digital Direction


We combine strategic insight, data, creative and human centred design and technical excellence with the best practices – that is the baseline of our thinking about business. Together we can create a shared understanding of what lays ahead and the way forward, to always stay one step ahead.

Maximize customer lifetime value

To maximize the customer lifetime value, we combine strategic insight & data, human centered design and technical excellence with the best practices – that is the baseline of our thinking about business.

Future proofed business

By connecting digital initiatives to business strategy and by identifying new digital business opportunities, we proof future business.


By clarifying the current state of your business systems, we can plan and execute platforms that are better fit for the future.


Jarkko Malviniemi

VP, Offering & Technology

Email: jarkko.malviniemi@siili.com
Phone: +358 50 3865092

Solution Delivery


We design and engineer modern digital solutions: digital customer experiences, applications and business critical systems.

Modern engineering and web solutions

We craft concepts into digital solutions which utilize cross-functional teams or solid expertise. 

Web Solutions

Agile methods & DevOps

To reach desired results and impact through lifecycle of digital business, we utilize the best suitable iterative methods.

Value through Cloud

We utilize open source technologies, and major cloud platforms including Azure, AWS, and Google platforms. Read more below.

cloud computing



Pasi Ropponen

CCO, Siili Core

Email: pasi.ropponen@siili.com
Phone: +358 40 7108658

Data & Intelligence


We help companies to build data driven business on top of trusted and unified data. Solid enterprise data capabilities, data insights and modern advanced analytics enables you to make better decisions and predictions and develop customer experience through customer 360 and recommendations.

Data as an asset

We deliver consistent and resilient high quality data assets for analytics and applications.

Better decisions

With consistent data and analytics, we improve visibility and predictability across business functions.

Azure Studio

Siili Azure Studio helps organisations move from on-premise solutions to modern cloud environments by building secure, flexible and scalable Azure solutions.

Azure Studio




Jerry Jalassola

VP, Tribes, Data Intelligence

Email: jerry.jalassola@siili.com
Phone: +358 50 3057171



We help you improve efficiency by automating manual processes with intelligent automation, RPA or DevOps. 

Human and machine

We help you improve efficiency by automating manual processes with intelligent automation, RPA or DevOps.

Robotics as a service

We offer RPA in a scalable cloud-delivery model that enables strategic benefits from large-scale end-to-end process automation. You focus on the core business – we handle the automation.


Software Automation

By creating new technical and service concepts in software automation, we add value to digital solutions together with our clients. We believe in clean code, software automation and DevOps. 



Kristian Valkama

SKALER, Intelligent Automation Lead

Email: kristian.valkama@siili.com
Phone:+358 40 5380365

Managed Services

We enable continuity, availability and high value of investments for released solutions throughout the lifecycle.

Continuity throughout the lifecycle

With cloud managed services, we ensure stable operations, high value of investments and controlled costs.


24/7 support ensures the best performance for released solutions – we are available for you around the clock.


  • Cloud Transformation
  • DevOps Maturity & Practices
  • Service Monitoring & Management

Kristian Takala

VP, Cloud Managed Services

Email: kristian.takala@siili.com
Phone: +358 50 5603648


See what our customers are saying

Siili has exceptionally strong expertise in modern technology – without this, it wouldn’t have been possible to create Circle. We share the vision that an open ecosystem is the only right way to operate in large digitalization projects. Together, we make a good team.

Janne Liuttu, Chief Data Scientist, Ramboll

We wanted an experienced partner which besides possessing technical expertise, also has curiosity, problem solving skills, and enthusiasm to solve complex problems with the use of design processes. Siili’s expertise on AR and similar, successfully executed projects convinced us. Also, Siili’s way of doing user centric design and the use of Design Thinking matched with Vaisala’s way of working.

Sauli Laitinen, Design Manager, Vaisala

The co-operation worked really well. We got affordable, extremely amazing results. I don’t think we could have reached the results with a traditional approach, here we learned something new.

Tommi Kinnunen, Head of Marketing, LähiTapiola

After choosing Sitefinity, we began exploring implementation partners and ultimately went with Siili Solutions. We initially considered working with a local Danish implementation partner, but Siili’s reputation as one of the best Sitefinity partners in Europe swayed our final decision. We had big ambitions for our intranet and Siili had the expertise to make it happen.

Kasper Behrens, Head of IT, Beierholm

The B2B world needs more personalized experiences, and now we can create them.

Maud Bernard, Wärtsilä

Siili was chosen as the developer of the service because Siili had both the technical expertise and the readiness to take over the business environment and customer centricity of the service. Elo’s expertise has increased with Siili, especially in projects.

Marjo Skoglund, Elo

The milk register has been part of a larger project. We have a long history of cooperation with Siili, and this long-term commitment brings certainty to the work.

Kirsi Jönkkäri, Finnish Food Authority


VALA Group

We help our clients develop their software from idea to production as quickly, reliably and efficiently as possible.

Our services cover almost all aspects of software quality and automation. We work with DevOps principles, where our work is guided by the methods of Agile Continuous integration (CI) and Continuous deployment (CD).

Lead me to VALA

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Siili Auto

If you are looking for an Automotive Digitalisation partner, Siili Auto has all the knowledge and expertise you need.

We are a digital product development studio focused on the Human Machine Interface of next generation vehicles. 

Contact Siili Auto


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