Data & AI

Exploit new opportunities through insights and automation provided by data and trustworthy, ethical use of artificial intelligence.

Our interdisciplinary teams create actionable solutions for high business impact.


How we deliver

Experts at informing business design through data and AI. 

Skilled at operationalizing data and AI in the Cloud, leveraging the latest technologies including generative AI and large language models (LLMs). 

Insight-driven client experience specialists providing advisory services on how to act responsibly with Trustworthy AI. 


Utilizing data for decision making and ethical AI

Ethical AI and data insights enable automation and the discovery of new opportunities.

Interdisciplinary solutions for high business impact

Design, AI, and data engineering to create high-impact solutions for businesses.

Lightweight approach for rapid action

Blend the expertise of top designers, AI specialists, and data engineers to tackle complex business challenges with a dynamic approach.

Rapid prototyping for tangible results

Prototype quickly to deliver tangible results in a short time frame, with a moderate investment. 

Case studies

Data & Analytics Platform


Data & Analytics Platform

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Creating the ecosystem of death

Finnish Digital Agency & Tax Administration

Creating the ecosystem of death

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A free platform for game developers

Round Zero

A free platform for game developers

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Building a Finnish entertainment hub

Elisa Viihde

Building a Finnish entertainment hub

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