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Helping game developers to get games published by viable data

The world of mobile games is extremely competed and small game companies are intensely looking for publishers for their games – so intensely that Oulu-based game company Fingersoft’s side project became into its own subsidiary RoundZero that is focused on analyzing the marketing potential of games and publishing them.

Collection data for estimating publication potential

“RoundZero analyses the games of smaller studios and their publishing potential via our Dome service. We test the games on the users of Fingersoft’s hit game Hill Climb Racing, and research the data collected by Dome to find out if the game could be a success. In practice, we create week-long campaigns where we drive users to the test games and follow the analytics on how long and often users play the test game”, the CEO of RoundZero, Mikko Kirmanen, says.

After the first test round and examining the analytics, it’s decided if the game is getting green light for the 2nd round where it is conducted if the monetization works. If the second round also looks good, the game gets published by RoundZero. So far over 200 games have been tested via Dome, and a couple of them have been published globally for everyone to play.


SDK to guarantee own, reliable data

During the first steps of RoundZero the game developers contacted their acquaintances working at Fingersoft and sent publishing requests by email. Also, the manual testing and processing of messages started to become challenging.

“We built Dome as a service where game developers can apply for testing at RoundZero and where we can directly communicate with them. First we used 3rd party services to collect gamer data but decided that we need our own SDK aka software development kit to get reliable data”, the CTO of RoundZero, Prataksha Gurung tells.

”On the 3rd party services the data was analyzed differently in each. For example, if a mobile gamer gets a phone call in the middle of a gaming session, and then they get back to the game, some tools regard that as a new gaming session while other tools think it’s just continuation of the previous session. Also, price increases would have been catastrophical to us”, Kirmanen clarifies.

Ouluism as a trump card

Siili’s excellent Oulu team was chosen to develop the SDK which game developers integrate to their game’s binary.

“We were looking for a partner all around the world but ended up choosing Siili. Siili has an office at Oulu, so communication was easy”, Gurung says.

“Additionally, Siili’s take on how to approach the specs we gave them convinced us”, Kirmanen continues.

"There will always be surprising technical challenges in projects, but we always found a solution with Siili as we shared the same goal.””

Mikko Kirmanen, CEO, RoundZero

Perfectly puffing to the finish line

The SDK was finished quickly during a couple of months and Dome’s data was set in order.

Both Gurung and Kirmanen have only good things to say about working with Siili.

“We were confindent in that Siili would deliver. Siili people were very professional”, Gurung says.

“There will always be surprising technical challenges in projects, but we always found a solution with Siili as we shared the same goal”, Kirmanen describes the cooperation.

To reply a question about what kind of character Siili would be, Kirmanen has a appropriate answer.

“Siili is a peaceful and quiet, forward-focused sniffler.”


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