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KEIs – Key Experience Indicators to transform your knowledge of your business

KEIs – Key Experience Indicators to transform your knowledge of your business

Scene: the management team is having a meeting and looking at NPS metrics. The rate has declined from safe 42 to concerning 27. Panic is raising, something is wrong – but what exactly is wrong? Is there a fault in the product? Has something changed in our customer service operations? Are the competitors doing something differently? The fact is, nobody knows or only has a vague guess. Maybe it's comforting to know that this is not uncommon at all. For a while NPS has been THE metric for everyone to follow, and regular NPS surveys are a common thing to monitor customer experience satisfaction in countless of companies. But like the management team, are you as clueless on what NPS indicates? If the numbers are descending, do you really have a hunch of what’s going on?



Designing Digital Experiences for the New Normal

What’s happening in the world today? Below you can see some megatrends as stated by Sitra (The Finnish Innovation Fund), that describe the main forces and phenomena happening around us. These are huge waves of change that affect our lives and society on every level, and we need to take them into account when designing experiences, services and business models.



How to ensure successful delivery of the expected value in large scale projects

In very short period, COVID-19 overwhelmed lives and caused global changes towards remote oriented work and created the need for digitalization of businesses and services. The ongoing pandemic accelerated the digital revolution and forced many companies to rethink their business strategies and re-evaluate their online presence. This has caused many to push forward the prioritization of their digital channels as a means of engaging their customers and driving revenue.