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How to make inclusive culture real

A popular conversation, especially during Pride month, is the topic of being able to be yourself and be comfortable at your workplace. The benefits of inclusivity and diversity are now much more widely appreciated and the connection to the employee’s well-being is better understood. This all has a positive impact upon diversity, equity and inclusion within companies (DEI).



Siili sets its sights to become a forerunner in AI-assisted software development

Siili Solutions, a renowned innovator in the software industry, is seizing an exciting opportunity to bolster client support by providing cutting-edge artificial intelligence-assisted solutions. With a firm ambition to become a forerunner in AI-assisted software design and development, Siili is establishing a new subsidiary, Siili Spaiks Oy, exclusively dedicated to AI-assisted software development.



5 Ways to Ensure Your Design System Won't Fail

Design systems have been a hot topic in the industry for a good while - promising measurable development time savings in new features, consistency across user interfaces and ability to centrally manage brand in digital products. With such benefits, some of the world’s largest companies – ranging from Microsoft to IBM to Google – have been advocating for the design system way of expanding their product portfolios.



Using AI tooling for writing aid

I recently published a blog, that was written with the aid of generative AI. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you my approach in accomplishing such a task, in the hope that you can glean some valuable insights from it. My intention is to emphasize the importance of human involvement in maintaining a connection with our clients and audiences, even as generative AI continues to evolve.



AWS Summit Stockholm 2023

I was recently blessed to take part in the AWS Summit in Stockholm in May 2023. I wanted to take a moment to write about the highlights and at the same time practice some generative AI shenanigans, this is that text. I will detail my process in a later post.