Nearshoring is rapidly becoming a top priority for forward-thinking businesses aiming to maximize value through distributed delivery. 

We have refined our delivery models over two decades, constantly fine-tuning them to establish nearshore capabilities that provide high-quality services to meet modern business requirements. We invite you to embrace Siili Nearshoring. 


Perception vs. the new reality


Nearshoring introduces new efficiencies through location-agnostic services 


Siili Nearshoring Expertise

With over two decades of finetuning the service and perfecting the model, Siili Nearshoring brings unmatched expertise.

The right people for the job

Siili personnel are the best for the job, offering value through competitive pricing and a commitment to using one team rather than subcontractors. This approach ensures clients receive strategic offerings and focused of expertise, not just a pool of resources. 

Utilized by leading brands

Smart tools and high-end technology optimize delivery in nearshoring. Siili’s nearshoring services have been utilized by clients such as Finavia, with every part of Siili working together to paint the big picture. 

Location agnostic

Siili’s nearshoring services are available from Oulu to New York, emphasizing the right people, locations, and tools for efficient delivery. The team is location-agnostic, ensuring intimacy and team dynamics at an equal level. 

Invest in the best

Nearshoring represents cost savings only if done correctly. Siili's commitment to quality and expertise ensures that clients receive the best possible service and value for their investment. 


Fluency in the desired working language has always been a legitimate concern with Nearshoring. Siili employ numerous nationalities and can always supply a native speaking Project Lead if so required.

Distributed delivery

We offer the ability to rapidly scale up or down big teams, utilizing all delivery options and a network of over 5000 experts. By combining our Finland multi-location teams, Poland, Hungary, and EU partners, we can naturally provide cost savings. 

Your Checklist for Cost Effective Resourcing

Secure quality digital services for your audience cost-efficiently. Upload the checklist for quality nearshoring and sign up for the future nearshoring content from Siili! 

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Team setup

Tailored to your environment and culture

Personalized approach

We prioritize a personalized approach to building teams, providing each client with handpicked, motivated personnel tailored to their unique needs. Our people take personal responsibility for their work and have experience working in multi-site teams, ensuring efficient and effective collaboration. 

Deep understanding

A proactive mindset and deep understanding of the business environment allow us to deliver high-quality results that meet our clients' specific requirements. We offer coaching for effective collaboration with our distributed delivery teams. 

Proven experience

Our approach combines motivation, experience, a proactive mindset, and business understanding to exceed client expectations, setting us apart from other organizations prioritizing industrialization and standardized approaches. 

Trust & transparency

Key to our success for distributed delivery teams​

Fundamental building blocks

When building a cross-site team, the same basic building blocks as a single-site team are necessary but with more focus on trust, alignment, and cohesion. Achieving this requires transparency and a willingness to support team members. 


To build trust and cohesion, the team should meet face to face at least once, significantly impacting interpersonal relationships needed for effective development. 

A comfortable environment

A culture of psychological safety is essential for great performance, creating an environment of trust and openness, where people feel comfortable taking risks and sharing ideas without fear of judgment or retaliation. This is what sets us apart, allowing us to optimize our nearshore team setup. 

Nearshoring Services

Optimum setup for your culture

1. Local Front – Mixed Development

  • Local teams combined with a distributed development team.
  • Provides easy access to nearshore deliveries organizations with little prior experience of distributed delivery. 

2. Best of breed international team

High performing teams for multi-national organizations

  • Fully international team working in multi-location mode. ​
  • Balanced optimization of skills and delivery locations​.
  • English as the working language.
  • Face-to-face gatherings to foster an engaged, connected team. 

3. Strategic multi-vendor approach

Best individual talent for multi-vendor teams​

  • Finding the best talent for multi-vendor teams from Siili locations and network​.
  • Individuals & teams working under client supervision​.
  • Finding specific talent and optimizing costs while providing the right skills for the task. 

Location agnostic


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