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Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a collection of technologies that enable automating routine information processing tasks across different IT systems, interfaces and applications.

Benefits of RPA include:

  • Automating routine tasks without large investments
  • Creating new capabilities by integrating existing solutions in new ways
  • Enabling people to focus on more meaningful work
  • Improving productivity and work quality by reducing human errors

Eliminate RPA license costs

Open source automation solutions 

We are a forerunner in open RPA - set out to define the future of business process automation. License-free solutions based on Robot Framework RPA result in:

  • Unrivalled cost-efficiency - there are no license costs involved
  • Limitless extensibility and scalability without vendor lock-in
  • Business-driven process automation that aligns with strategic automation initiatives
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Operate hundreds of software robots with ease


We offer RPA solutions as a fully maintained service. You focus on the core business and its processes. We provide a scalable cloud infrastructure, and the software and professionals to create the automation. Together we create value.

  • No up-front investments and transparent pricing; pay only for what you use
  • Service level agreements and full life-cycle management
  • Agility and best practices built-in

Harness the power of AI to automate more

Intelligent Process Automation

An open approach to RPA supports native machine learning and AI integration, offering a gateway to new competencies in business process automation. We see  Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) as a collection of technologies to manage, automate and integrate digital processes on a wider scale, including:

  • Robotic process automation for routine tasks
  • API integrations whenever viable
  • Smart workflows to integrate tasks performed by humans and machines
  • Machine learning, advanced analytics & optimization to provide intelligent and optimized pipelines
  • Natural-language generation for interactions between humans and technology 
  • Cognitive agents to combine machine learning and natural-language generation to build a virtual workforce

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