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Case Study


QA for Digital Services

Quality for 2,5M Finns Every Week

At MTV quality really makes a difference.

The digital consumer services of MTV, MTVuutiset, video services and streaming service C More, are used by 2,5 million people weekly.

"Only six years ago the important thing in developing digital services were new functionalities and getting them in to customer use, instead of the products working perfectly."

"Now the importance of quality is completely different – the consumers will exchange for a competitor’s service if something isn’t working, and this has a direct effect on business", Jyri Kyllönen, the Director of MTV’s digital services and development, compares the past and the present.

To assure the quality of MTV’s digital service and to make sure everything is working top notch for the end users, MTV and Siili’s subsidiary VALA Group have been doing close collaboration for a couple of years.


VALA has proved out to be a reliable partner and has been an integral part of MTV’s service development.

Jyri Kyllönen
Director of digital services and development

Strategy, tools, and team leading

“We were looking for a comprehensive QA partner that could take care of its own work, but also take responsibility as the guarantor of the quality of MTV’s digital services. VALA's view on quality strategy and how to develop the quality of MTV’s digital services convinced us, as well as their references and results with other customers”, Kyllönen recaps how VALA was chosen as the partner of MTV.

VALA has created a quality strategy for MTV’s digital services and is also responsible for executing it.

“In practice, VALA is responsible for the whole concept of implementing the quality assurance strategy for MTV’s digital services on behalf of MTV”, Kyllönen explains.

The quality assurance process is carried out by VALA's 6-member testing team. In addition to planning and conducting the tests, the team is responsible for maintaining and updating the test laboratory at MTV.

“VALA's team is a seamless part of MTV’s teams and doing. They are completely equal with our own employees”, Kyllönen describes the cooperation.




A partner in sickness and in health

In an all-encompassing QA the challenge, besides the variety of devices, is the fast renewal cycle of services and technical environments.

“For users, everything should appear as one unified service even though many parts of the services are developed by different partners”, Kyllönen says.

Despite the fast-paced development and quality demands of customers, VALA and MTV have succeeded in the quality assurance excellently.

Learning is enabled with a good partner

What We Did And How

“VALA has proved out to be a reliable partner and has been an integral part of MTV’s service development in sickness and in health. I believe that our future looks as bright as our cooperation has turned out to be so far”, Kyllönen smiles.

  • Quality Strategy
    Test process development
    Design and implementation of testing
    Test Automation
    Setting up and maintaining a test laboratory

  • Robot Framework
    Test Rail
    Adobe Analytics


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