Siili is here to guide your InsurTech business through digital and AI transformation. With our expertise in data analytics and customer-centric solutions, we'll help you stay ahead, ensuring your services meet the evolving needs of your customers.


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Siili’s brings a mix of technical know-how, user-focused design, deep understanding of regulations, and strategic vision for companies seeking to develop reliable, innovative insurtech solutions. We'll help you build scalable and secure products that are poised to meet the demands of the modern digital insurance marketplace.

Innovation for the changing insurance sector

Our solutions help our partners confidently navigate the digital transformation of insurance, leveraging technology to achieve unparalleled results.

Business analysis and service design

We help clients gain value from digital experiences by designing and developing strategies, products, and services. Our design practice informs decisions and provides direction at any stage of the development journey.

Change management

Siili provides safe and cost-effective change management services, ensuring a smooth transition while minimizing risks and disruptions. Our experts work closely with your team to understand your unique requirements and tailor solutions that align with your business goals and industry regulations.

Modernizing legacy systems with AI-powered solutions

Siili offers expertise in integrating and replacing legacy systems with modern, AI-powered solutions. Our team understands the complexities of the insurance industry and can seamlessly transition your business to cutting-edge technologies, ensuring a future-proof and efficient digital infrastructure.

Scaling services to 100% digital

Siili helps insurance companies scale their offerings to become fully digital. Our holistic approach encompasses every aspect of the digital transformation journey, from customer experience design to backend system integration, ensuring a seamless and cohesive digital ecosystem.

Compliance and regulatory knowledge

Insurtech solutions must adhere to various regulations and data protection laws, and Data Act to ensure comprehensive compliance. Siili's expertise ensures that these solutions not only align with industry standards like the Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but also adapt to the Data Act's requirements.


Making data & AI work for your business


Siili Solutions empowers businesses in the insurance sector to become data-native, enhancing decision-making with AI and data insights. We focus on developing trustworthy AI, supported by tailored data architectures and tools.

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Siili's InsurTech development services

We use top talent to transform insurance institutions and help them gain competitive edge in a rapidly evolving market

1. End-to-end delivery

  • Concepting and developing new products, services, or features 
  • Reviewing and improving existing products, services, or features 
  • Implementing and integrating selected software into existing technology infrastructure 

2. Resourcing

  • Identifying top talent for upcoming project

  • Replacing or reviewing existing resources

  • Providing relevant training 

3. Continuous services

  • Ensure continuity through support and maintenance

  • Continuously improving technology practices to stay competitive and align with trends and client needs

  • Accelerating and optimizing Cloud/DevOps capabilities 

Partners and communities

Our financial sector expertise is bolstered by an ecosystem of tech providers, partners and communities that we have an active dialogue with about upcoming trends and regulatory changes.
  • Images-Partner_Logos-1000x800-Fintech_farm
    A dynamic hub in Helsinki that fosters innovation in financial technology by connecting startups, banks, and investors
  • Images-Partner_Logos-1000x800-Guidewire
    A leading provider of software solutions designed to streamline operations, optimize costs, and promote agility within the insurance industry.
  • Images-Partner_Logos-1000x800-Signicat
    Digital identity services expert offering solutions for user verification and digital signing processes for secure online transactions.
  • Images-Partner_Logos-1000x800-Orbyt
    Leading provider of digital invoices and payments across Europe.
  • Images-Partner_Logos-1000x800-Mobey
    A global network that brings together financial institutions, technology companies, and other stakeholders to drive forward innovations in digital financial services.
  • Siili-Image-Partners-1000x800-Data_&_AI-Experian
    A multinational credit reporting company that provides data and analytical tools to support businesses in managing credit risk and preventing fraud.

Trends in insurance services

The insurance sector is facing a dynamic shift, evolving rapidly to meet new customer expectations and leveraging technology to offer more personalized, efficient services. Here's how we see the current trends shaping the insurance services landscape and how Siili can play a crucial role in navigating these changes.

✺ Digital transformation and customer experience enhancement

As customers demand more seamless, digital-first interactions, insurers are moving towards digital platforms that offer personalized experiences. Siili can help by developing intuitive, user-friendly digital interfaces that make insurance services accessible anytime, anywhere, enhancing the overall customer experience.

✺ Data-driven personalization

The use of big data and analytics is becoming increasingly important in insurance. By analyzing vast amounts of data, insurers can offer personalized policies, accurately assess risks, and set premiums accordingly. Siili's expertise in data analytics can help insurers leverage their data to create tailored insurance products that meet individual customer needs.

✺ Automated claims processing

Automation and AI are revolutionizing claims processing, making it faster and more efficient. Siili can implement AI-driven solutions that automate the claims process, reducing the time and cost associated with manual processing and improving customer satisfaction.

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