Empower your business with Siili's expertise in enhancing digital capabilities across key areas such as process automation, energy, mining, industrial engineering, chemical, and manufacturing. 

Elevate your digital presence and pioneer your industry by utilizing cutting-edge technology. 


Self-service portals & ecommerce

We facilitate seamless interactions between clients and suppliers across various functions.

Supplier collaboration

Flexible supplier management and process harmonization have become crucial, driven by factors such as geopolitical risks, the impact of COVID-19, and the growing demand for raw materials.

Supply chain management

Automating procurement-to-payment and digitizing digital assets to streamline workflows, enhance efficiency, and drive better decision-making. 

Harmonizing processes

Siili excels in shaping processes to meet business needs. With our expertise in designing and building self-service portals, we cater to the unique requirements of suppliers, dealers, and clients. Streamlining processes boosts efficiency and generates valuable data assets for future growth and opportunities. 


Challenges specific to you

Discuss your specific challenges in this area, and let's see how we can turn them into opportunities for better client engagement.

Harness the power of data

From Sensors and IoT to Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

Unifying scattered data assets

Efficiently manage business operations by creating a shared understanding through unified data assets, overcoming challenges posed by scattered data across organizations 

Empowering business operations

Siili specializes in designing and implementing data platforms, hubs, and foundational systems that enable clients to capture, build, and evolve data assets. 

 Our comprehensive approach begins with data acquisition, collection, organization, processing, and storage, visualization, reporting, and the integration of machine learning solutions. 

Fit-for-purpose solutions

Discover fit-for-purpose solutions for your business. With our expertise, your business can harness the power of data for informed decision-making and unlock new opportunities for growth. 

Custom development

Fit-for-purpose, turn-key solutions

Custom solutions to meet unique business needs

Developing custom solutions is an ideal approach when commercial digital tools are unavailable or too expensive to customize.  

These solutions offer flexibility, optimize efficiency, and effectively address specific needs. 

From simple solutions to complex platforms

Whether it be simple solutions or complex platforms, bespoke development integrates systems and processes. From streamlined workflows to automated manual processes, 

Siili’s Control Tower approach offers unified views, greater situational awareness, and a single-window view on operations.  

Explore our cases for the maritime and aviation sectors. 

Accelerating sustainable transformation

Digital Susformation for forward-looking companies

What is Digital Susformation?

In collaboration with Gaia Consulting, a leader in Sustainability services, we offer Digital Susformation.

This groundbreaking service combines digital transformation, data-driven solutions, and sustainable strategies to empower companies in leading green transitions with speed and impact. 

How we help you implement it?

We prioritize sustainable transformation by seamlessly integrating it into business operations. With real-time reporting, digital strategies, and rapid execution, we help businesses transition to sustainable models.

Our focus on ESG domains allows us to work closely with forward-looking companies, developing strategies and implementing impactful initiatives. Together, we create a greener and more resilient future for future generations.


Overcoming business challenges through smart, nearshore resourcing 

Adapt, evolve, and unlock new success

In the face of the current economic situation and talent shortage, businesses encounter significant hurdles.

Nearshore resourcing offers a solution, enabling companies to adapt to challenging market conditions by reducing development costs and tapping into a broader talent pool. 

A history of seamless resourcing

Siili has a strong presence in Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Slovakia with a proven track record in nearshoring.  

Our experienced teams ensure seamless project delivery in multiple languages. With Siili, you don't have to choose between quality and cost-effectiveness; we prioritize both. 

Siili Nearshoring

Trends in industry


Mega to macro trends – all simultaneously impacting on the Connected Value Chain


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