The introduction of new regulations, data standardization, and the harmonization of port calls in the maritime industry has created an accelerated need for data-driven collaboration and digitized processes. 

This is further compounded by sustainability and environmental regulations, prompting a reevaluation of operating models and processes. 


Operative Excellence in Maritime

Siili Maritime emerged from a commitment to apply skills acquired in digital situational awareness, driving innovation with future-proof technology to enable efficient and effective shipping operations. 

As our operations expand globally, we seek to leverage our extensive experience in projects where purpose-fit solutions can revolutionize processes, reduce energy consumption, and shape the future of maritime operations. 

Our Offering

Our offering revolves around three key areas: 

Maritime Single Window (MSW/EMSW)

Large scale digitization and the establishment of neutral data platforms to optimize maritime traffic in accordance with new laws and directives. 

Explore our latest MSW work for Fintraffic here.

Operative Fleet Optimization

Data-driven collaboration and digitalized processes to optimize shipping fleets through streamlining operations, reducing costs, and minimizing the environmental impact. 

Efficiency in Port Operations

Optimizing port operations through situational awareness solutions, enhancing the monitoring of assets in the logistics chain. 

How to implement a Maritime Single Window in 6 easy steps

Take the first steps towards a fully realized Maritime Single Window

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Sanna Vainionpää

Sanna Vainionpää

Director of Domain Strategy, Head of Maritime

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