Siili Solutions Wins Prestigious Service Design Award With Nemo

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Siili Solutions Wins Prestigious Service Design Award With Nemo

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Helsinki, 6.10.2023 – Siili Solutions, a full-service software company, is thrilled to announce its recent victory at the prestigious Service Design Award, presented by the Service Design Network (SDN). The Nemo project, recognized for its excellence in service design, is poised to revolutionize Finland's maritime sector, enhancing national productivity, competitiveness, and addressing industry needs.

Siili Solutions' Nemo project for Fintraffic emerged as the winner in the competitive 'Professional Commercial' category, surpassing six (6) other global benchmark projects. This achievement reaffirms Finland's commitment to innovation, creativity, and global expertise.

Sanna Vainionpää, Lead Designer of the concept and Head of Maritime at Siili Solutions, stated, "Our multi-disciplinary concept creation team collaborated closely with maritime stakeholders, with the primary goal of increasing Finland's productivity. The vision concept portrays the future of the maritime industry in 10 years. The Nemo project brought together dozens of commercial stakeholders and authorities. Together we started changing the ways of working for the maritime domain."  

Enhanced productivity and added commercial value  

Presently, 90% of Finland's foreign trade relies on maritime transportation, with around 100 ships arriving daily at Finnish ports. These ships are required to submit up to 20 mandatory notifications, often with manual entries through complex processes in the current error-prone system.  

Project Nemo, addressing Finland's significant maritime trade dependence, promises substantial benefits across the logistics chain. As European Union regulation (2019/1239) aligns port call operations across member states, Nemo will serve as Finland's national maritime single window for port calls, introducing new services to create added commercial value.  

The impact of the project in the field actors is unique, the effectiveness of the project if very high and the feedback has been excellent. The high-quality design and conceptualization work have enabled the information system project itself to be launched in a high-standard manner. Engaging stakeholders as part of the design phase has made it possible to plan and also implement a wide range of value-added services”, describes Fintraffic’s Program Owner Olli Soininen

Scalable Solutions for Emission Reduction and Cost Savings  

The adaptable Nemo platform is prepared for future changes, yielding cost savings and reduced environmental impact. A notable application within Nemo is Virtual Arrival, capable of reducing CO2 emissions by up to 24% per voyage and lowering shipping companies' costs by 20%.  

"We are immensely honored to receive the Service Design Award from SDN. By digitizing maritime operations in Finland, we are not only transforming business practices but also contributing to reduced carbon emissions and economic growth. This recognition underscores our commitment to service design excellence and our mission to drive positive change further solidifying our reputation as an end-to-end (E2E) solution provider,” reflects Siili Solutions' CEO Tomi Pienimäki.  


For media inquiries, please contact:  

Sanna Vainionpää
Director of Domain Strategy, Head of Maritime
+358 50 486 9989

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