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Siili Solutions Wins Prestigious Service Design Award With Nemo

Helsinki, 6.10.2023 – Siili Solutions, a full-service software company, is thrilled to announce its recent victory at the prestigious Service Design Award, presented by the Service Design Network (SDN). The Nemo project, recognized for its excellence in service design, is poised to revolutionize Finland's maritime sector, enhancing national productivity, competitiveness, and addressing industry needs.



Siili sets its sights to become a forerunner in AI-assisted software development

Siili Solutions, a renowned innovator in the software industry, is seizing an exciting opportunity to bolster client support by providing cutting-edge artificial intelligence-assisted solutions. With a firm ambition to become a forerunner in AI-assisted software design and development, Siili is establishing a new subsidiary, Siili Spaiks Oy, exclusively dedicated to AI-assisted software development.



Siili Solutions launched its own, people-oriented collective agreement

The agreement, which entered into force in April 2023, reflects the company's important values and culture. With the new contract, the employees have, for example, the opportunity to take care of matters related to their own health during working hours, more broadly than the collective agreement in the information technology service sector. The contract has been drawn up in cooperation with Siili's employees.



New research shows: These are the four key factors to retain women in the IT field

Uneven gender distribution is a well-known issue in the IT field. IT Companies have been looking for new ways to attract women to the industry, and gender distribution is slowly narrowing. However, turnover in the IT sector is high and studies show that women leave the sector more often than men. We wanted to help IT companies understand the ways in which women can be retained as employees and conducted a study amongst our female employees.