Siili sets its sights to become a forerunner in AI-assisted software development

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Siili Solutions, a renowned innovator in the software industry, is seizing an exciting opportunity to bolster client support by providing cutting-edge artificial intelligence-assisted solutions. With a firm ambition to become a forerunner in AI-assisted software design and development, Siili is establishing a new subsidiary, Siili Spaiks Oy, exclusively dedicated to AI-assisted software development.

Siili Solutions Oyj 27.6.2023

Siili Spaiks Oy will draw on Siili Solutions’ well-honed experience in the field of AI and harness the industry's most advanced artificial intelligence-based tools to drive the development of digital solutions, leveraging generative artificial intelligence and large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT and GitHub CoPilot. By merging these innovative tools with Siili's robust technology, design, and data expertise, the company aims to deliver even more groundbreaking and client-centric solutions in a significantly reduced timeframe.

Working in close collaboration with its parent company, Siili Solutions, Siili Spaiks Oy will share best practices and continuously enhance its services to deliver peak performance. The search for an exceptional CEO to lead Siili Spaiks Oy is currently underway.

“Generative artificial intelligence will significantly change software development and its operating models. We want to be a pioneer in the development of AI-based software development,” says Tomi Pienimäki, CEO of Siili Solutions.

Tomi Pienimäki continues, "As a renowned partner famed for embracing new solutions, Siili is devoted to supporting our clients in their pursuit of AI-assisted development solutions and to become a forerunner solidify our position as the leading authority in AI-assisted software design and development. Establishing a subsidiary focused on artificial intelligence is a natural progression for us." Pienimäki adds, "We believe that AI-assisted development presents a wealth of opportunities for our clients, while also bringing intriguing challenges for our expert personnel. Artificial intelligence-based technologies will revolutionize the possibilities and efficiency within software development, elevating it to unprecedented levels in the future."

With this strategic move, Siili Solutions and Siili Spaiks Oy is poised to spearhead the future of AI-assisted software development, ensuring clients stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving technological landscape.

For further inquiries, please contact:
Tomi Pienimäki
CEO, Siili Solutions Oyj
+358 40 834 1399

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