Siili Solutions launched its own, people-oriented collective agreement

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The agreement, which entered into force in April 2023, reflects the company's important values and culture. With the new contract, the employees have, for example, the opportunity to take care of matters related to their own health during working hours, more broadly than the collective agreement in the information technology service sector. The contract has been drawn up in cooperation with Siili's employees.

Technology company Siili Solutions has created its own collective agreement. The agreement entered into force at the beginning of April 2023. Siili’s own collective agreement is based on Siili's central themes affecting the employee experience: remuneration, skills development, well-being, culture, sense of community, and meaningful customer projects.

"The idea of our own collective agreement came about during Fall 2022. I brought it up in the personnel and management interaction discussion, and the proposal immediately received a positive reception," says Siili's Shop Steward, Maija Apunen, thanking at the same time the employer for the courageous openness to hear the views of the personnel regarding the collective agreement.

The collective agreement has been drawn up using service design methods. Siili’s service designer Salla Vaalio mapped employees' expectations through interviews and surveys, tested the content of the collective agreement with a group of pre-readers, and with the project team involved in the process of creating the agreement with more than 100 employees in total.

The new agreement increases equality and justice

Siili's employees, more familiarly known as "Siilis", raised as the most important matters agreement’s comprehensibility, holidays, family leaves, and salary. The common goal was to create an agreement that accurately describes Siili's culture and values, in addition to enabling an improved way of combining work and free time for all Siilis.

The agreement gives, for example, both parents the possibility of having 6 weeks paid parental leave and the opportunity to take care of matters in relation to one’s own health, such as gender reassignment and infertility treatments, during working hours to a greater extent than the information technology service industry has defined in their collective agreement. The contract also includes a salary increase model, which is tied to the development of the company's profitability.

"All in all, our own collective agreement describes our community and caring culture, and contributes to developing a more equal and inclusive work life," rejoices Siili's Chief People Officer Taru Salo.

You can learn more about Siili's collective agreement from these documents. 



More information:

Maija Apunen  
Shop Steward, Siili Solutions
Mobile: 050 562 5276, email:

Taru Salo 
Chief People Officer, Siili Solutions
Mobile: 050 448 2960, email:

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