Teosto - for the love of music

Comprehensive renewal of web services

For the love for music – that was the starting point when Teosto, the Finnish music copyright organization, decided their website needed to be renewed.

“In 2017 we became aware of a business continuity risk due to the expired technology of our web services. In 2018 we decided to make the website renewal a comprehensive project, and we saw it prompt to renew not only the site, but also our whole technology from architecture to identification and access right services. The web service project, aka. "Vepa", was purely a technology project in the beginning”, says Kirsti Kilponen, Teosto's Project Director.

”We chose Siili because Siili has a good reputation and conspicuousness as a technology and integration supplier. Along the way we have gained very good experience and proof that Siili has excellent expertise in service design as well.”

Kirsti Kilponen, Project Director, Teosto

The customer needs to know that they are important

Teosto represents about 33 000 domestic and almost three million international composers, songwriters, arrangers, and music publishers in Finland. For its part it enables the professional making of music in Finland. In addition to the music makers, Teosto’s customers and partners include music users, such as media companies, concert hosts, and online service providers, like Spotify.

Due to the versatile customer base, the customer experience quickly rose to a crucial role in the otherwise technology-oriented renewal project. Alongside with building a modern technology platform came a desire to create an easy-to-use service for music related information management, for music providers and music utilizers as well. To concept the user experience and the service, Siili’s methods in service design and involving users were utilized to the full extent.

“Our aim is that our customer feels that they are important. We are a partner and not an officer, we don’t want to force the customer to adapt to our operations, but instead we adapt to our customers’ needs. The basis for the concept was ‘for the love for music and music makers’”, Kilponen says.

”Involving the customers has been a natural and central part of the development the whole time. We constantly validate with our customers that the solutions we have designed and developed function for all customer segments”, Jani Jalonen, Teosto’s Chief Customer Officer, continues.

Additionally, the regulation applied to Teosto and the renewal project was welcomed as a positive challenge.

“We have wanted to transfer the regulation requirements as digital enablers and improve our competitiveness. We don’t do just the bare minimum, but instead we’ve made the regulation requirements as our competitive edge”, Jalonen says.



Siili is not just a technology supplier 

The journey of Siili and Teosto started via a traditional request for proposals.

“We chose Siili because Siili has a good reputation and conspicuousness as a technology and integration supplier. Along the way we have gained very good experience and proof that Siili is an excellent expert in service design as well”, Kilponen praises.

Jalonen agrees.

“During the project it has become obvious that our relations with Siili are deeper and wider than just a customer’s relation to a technology supplier. At this moment, we’re talking about a full business partnership”, Jalonen describes.

What we did:

  • Service Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Agile development
  • Content Management
  • Information Security
  • DevOps

Tech & Methods

  • Design Thinking
  • UX research
  • Workshops
  • Prototyping
  • Vue.js
  • Contentful
  • Javascript
  • Java
  • API
  • Integrations
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Serverless
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Cypress

Learning is enabled with a good partner

Along with the cooperation, Teosto has had the chance to learn a lot of new things as an organization.

“Our whole organization has definitely learned more about a systematic way to do design work, service design, and prototyping at the very start of projects with business objectives. We have enhanced our expertise in agile development, and especially our QA processes, tools, and our dependency management”, Kilponen lists.

“One of the most important things is that we have been able to describe and document a lot of silent information. Discipline, holding on to plans, and going forward one step of a time are topics we have learned much about in this partnership”, Jalonen ends.


Read more about the technical aspects of this project in Jaris article "Serverless DevOps in Siili".


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