Machine Learning Engineer


Siili is at the forefront of AI-powered development. Here, you will collaborate with AI-assisted developers and designers on projects that go beyond proof-of-concept, delivering real-world impact and innovation. 

Our own AI transformation uniquely positions us as the ideal partner to guide our clients through their AI journeys. We are currently supporting leading organizations like Microsoft and Yle in their AI transformations. 

AI represents the next industrial revolution, and Siili is ready to lead the charge in digital development, making the most of the transformative power of AI. 

Interested in becoming a Machine Learning Engineer at Siili? 🦔 

As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will work together with our Data Engineers and Data Scientists of the Data Science Tribe to help our wide range of customers in taking their AI-capabilities to the next level. Your role will be a combination of building good data flow between different systems and implementing machine learning solutions and pipelines utilizing cloud-based or open-source machine learning stacks. You will become an expert in deploying machine learning solutions and in all that follows: we call this machine learning operations or in other words MLOps.  

To succeed in this role, you should have: 🎯 

  • At least one year (preferably 2+) of experience working as a cloud developer, data engineer, ML engineer or data scientist in a product company or as a consultant  
  • Strong knowledge of data science and machine learning concepts  
  • Good Python skills and knowledge of Python machine learning libraries, like: Scikit-learn, TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch, Pandas 
  • Experience of cloud-based development (AWS, Google Cloud or Azure)  
  • SQL skills  
  • Knowledge of development tools like Git, Docker, and VS Code 
  • Fluent Finnish skills 

Additionally, it is beneficial if you have: 

  • Experience in deploying machine learning systems into production 
  • Experience with A/B testing 
  • Experience with databases, data warehouses, and ETL/ELT processes 
  • Knowledge of Spark, Databricks 
  • Familiarity with DevOps, MLOps, CI/CD 
  • Knowledge of Generative AI tools 

What do we offer you? 🤝 

You will have the opportunity to work with the best colleagues (Siilis) on interesting client projects. You will never be bored: we believe in continuous growth, meaning you can always deepen your expertise alongside our Data Science experts. Being a Siili means you get to work in diverse teams while still managing your own work – we trust you! 


Siili is a partner in design, data, and AI-assisted software development, one of our core competencies is providing recommendation engines and personalization solutions for our digital business clients (media, retail, gaming, entertainment). Our solutions for leveraging customer data include conversion optimization, customer segmentation, A/B testing, predictive models, and time series models. Our Data Scientists and ML Engineers solve various problems across multiple industries, including healthcare, energy, manufacturing, insurance, banking, and maritime. They encounter different approaches in their daily work, such as computer vision, natural language processing (NLP), deep learning, optimization solutions, or Bayesian modeling. As an ML Engineer, you are part of the core offering team at Siili. 

Shall we get to know each other better? 💬 

At Siili, we don’t have interviews, we have meetings. With two meetings, we ensure together that both our goals and expectations are aligned, laying the foundation for a great future together. 

We hope to receive applications from individuals with various backgrounds, including different ages, genders, and cultural or minority groups. Please let us know if we can adjust our meeting according to your needs. We aim to consider individual needs and neurodiversity in our recruitment process, and to make meetings as comfortable as possible for everyone. 


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