AI-powered digital development

Towards double productivity with elite talent trained in AI.


Human creativity, AI-powered

The French Revolutionary calendar introduced a 10-day week to boost productivity. At Siili, we work smarter, not longer.

3x Faster creative exploration and prototyping 

AI enables rapid prototyping, fostering quicker feedback and more creative solutions.

Up to 50% productivity boost

AI automates routine tasks, freeing our developers for complex problem-solving and innovation.


The Siili AI way

We walk the talk. We are transforming into an AI-powered digital development company

Employees are encouraged to use approved AI tools such as GitHub Copilot and OpenAI's GPT for coding and project management tasks when there is a justified benefit.


Siili encourages the use of AI tools in day-to-day operations, from design and planning to implementation and testing. 

Siili offers a tiered training system for its employees, encompassing beginner to advanced levels of AI proficiency. This initiative aims to build a solid foundation of AI knowledge across the company.

Our journey to become thought leaders in AI involves the publication of the AI-Powered Development Handbook, AI-Powered LinkedIn newsletter. We host roundtable events with industry leaders, and organize internal events that promote AI knowledge and application.

Siili collaborates with leading technology firms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and GitHub. These partnerships help Siili leverage advanced tools and platforms to enhance their AI capabilities.


By engaging more deeply with these partners, Siili not only gains access to cutting-edge tools but also to training and support, which significantly bolsters its AI proficiency.

Our Data and AI projects

From Data Platforms to AI-enhanced insights

We helped the decision-makers at Microsoft to get up-to-date information on the wishes, behavior, and opinions of consumers to support sales and target setting.


Data-driven situational awareness

To improve operational visibility and bring the airport system even further into the modern era, Finavia teamed up with Siili Solutions to create a bespoke system that has since been used to manage Helsinki Airport (HEL) and the entire network of regional airports in Finland and has now been in use for over five years. 


Using data to ease maritime transport congestion and reduce emissions at ports

Siili Solutions, together with Fintraffic and ESL Shipping, is developing a solution to facilitate the port entry of ships. If the situation at the port changes and a vessel’s berth is taken, a vessel at sea will be instructed to slow down and reduce fuel consumption. 


AI-Powered digital customer experience for a legal industry disruptor

Utilizing modern technologies and an agile development approach, Siili constructed a robust digital platform for Fondia. The project involved building advanced digital services like the MyFondia portal, Legal Insights, Legal Health Check, and an AI-powered legal advisor tool.


Our AI-Powered development process

1. Discovery & scoping 

Use of AI in early stages to explore and define opportunities, project scope, and to generate innovative ideas.

2. Design & architecture 

AI tools help create sophisticated software architectures, and product & service experiences.

3. Implementation 

AI-assisted coding tools that aid in crafting robust and error-free code.

4. Testing & deployment 

Leveraging AI for rigorous testing procedures, ensuring software reliability and performance. 

AI integration in deployment strategies to optimize release cycles.

Our AI insights

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Ally, not enemy: Talking AI with Siili's lead designer Aino Makkonen

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AI Revolution in design: Insights from Caroline Chang Liu

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Transforming software development in the age of AI

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