Serverless DevOps in Siili


Serverless DevOps in Siili

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Siili is in the business of creating next versions. We are always aiming to improve our customers’ business enablers and to enhance our consulting capabilities. Cloud computing is here to stay and it will shape how the workloads of future are going to be designed and ran, as well as how co-operation between IT and business will transform.

Our highly skilled and certified architects and developers help our customers in their cloud transformation in close collaboration with the customers' teams. We design and implement solutions with high automation to reduce wasteful manual work and minimize the possibility for human errors.

Why would you care about Serverless DevOps?

There are plenty of pain points in classic “legacy” software development methods that can be addressed, and are explained in more detail in this blog like:

  • Innovation speed
  • Quality
  • Business value
  • Security

Serverless and DevOps with AWS

Siili's technology partner AWS offers an extensive set of products and services to migrate and create almost any kind of workload utilizing serverless architecture. Be it a tailored website, data pipeline, machine learning or something else.

Serverless enables developers to create more value faster in co-operation with business units. It removes the need to operate the infrastructure and gives freedom to concentrate in solving the actual business problems. With DevOps mindset and practices, the combination is great for delivering small increments, more often and with better quality.

Automating and scripting the environments (Infrastructure as Code) in addition to scripting build & deployment pipelines enable a short innovation cycle. In today's fast moving market it is essential for any organization to be able to deliver their value quickly and reliably. Our DevOps best practices build quality into the process, and help our customers get into the market fast.

Cloud providers offer a so called Shared Responsibility Model, which is a cloud security framework that dictates the security obligations of a cloud computing provider and its users to ensure accountability. In short, the provider is responsible for the security of the cloud, and the users are responsible for the security in the cloud.

Serverless microservices

We deliver event driven microservice solutions using AWS products like Lambda functions, with a set of managed services such as data storage, notifications, and stream handling. Event driven architecture enables loosely coupled, scalable and resilient systems and high availability by design.

The architecture diagram below is a reference that can be easily used to implement a serverless web service. For example, the complete renewal of the customer services in Teosto extranet ( is based on this architecture and benefits for example from automatic scaling and fault tolerance.

Serverless website

Figure 1: Serverless website


CI/CD and Infrastructure as Code

In modern software development world it’s hard to talk about Continuous Integration without Continuous Delivery. Siili's best practices include scripting and versioning everything. We can ensure CD by automating the deployment pipeline all the way to production environment using AWS CI/CD tools like SAM and CodePipeline, or open source tools such as Jenkins. At the same time, automated test suites ensure quality in CI process.

DevOps approach is used in Teosto extranet with AWS tools to build quality in by automating extensive tests and deployments into different environments. Results and state of the process is monitored in real time.

Deployment pipeline

Figure 2: Deployment pipeline


Even the environments can be scripted with AWS CloudFormation, Serverless Application Model (SAM) and related tools, like open source Serverless Framework, to enable fast and reliable creation of any version of the environment. This approach is called Infrastructure as Code.

Infrastucture as code

Figure 3: Infrastructure as code


Siili Cloud Managed Services

Our commitment to our customers does not end with the project. Support and maintenance are part of our core business. We can manage your whole cloud environment or maintain the workloads you have running in AWS. Our flexible Cloud Managed Services team constantly monitors the workloads, and service quality is followed with KPIs that are agreed together with our customers.

Read more about Teostos and Siilis co-operation in the Case Testimonial -" Teosto, for the love of music".

You can read more about our offering at

Send us a message or give us a call and let’s discuss your cloud journey together!


Written by

Jari Rantala

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