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Full Lifecycle Design & Development of Digital Services

  • Research & Insight Creation

    • Understanding the context, value creation, tech landscape, and customer behavior is the key to successful products and services. We help you to steer through complex challenges and decisions by providing research and actionable insights. We look at the challenges holistically combining and balancing tech, data, business, and human point of views, thus providing a solid basis for your next endeavours.

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  • Business, Service, Product & Experience Design

    • As proven experts in design, we apply our design skills for the design of businesses, services, products, and experiences. We help you to design solutions that are compelling, viable in business manner, and feasible to produce and operate. Human centricity, transparent collaboration, and aim for impact are in the core of our design approach.

      For us, business design means designing business models, value propositions, and providing metrics and means for measuring the impact. In service design context we design for compelling service experiences but also for the operations. Experience design is a part of our approach and scopes through everything we do. Also product design is a mindset that enables us to look at the solutions holistically from business, to tech, design, marketing, and brand point of views.

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  • Enterprise Architecture

    • Architecture is a type of design that deals with a structure. Subjects of structural design can be e.g. a piece of software, platform services, data structures, operating models, or even a whole ecosystem value stream, and the design methods vary depending on the purpose. Building a software architecture requires decisions based on designs that are made on system layers, integrations, internal structure, libraries, and tools. Building and deciding ICT application architecture landscape, platforms or business operations require different kind of architecture designs – all of these designs can be modelled and brought together as part of an organization’s enterprise architecture.

      We can help you to create best possible, constantly evolving architectures. With an agile approach, we can analyze the current state of your architecture, design future state architectures, and solve complex architectural problems.

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  • Solution & Technology Architecture

    • Solution architecture is in the core of everything we do when designing and implementing the right solution for a customer problem. We take into account the industry specific solutions as well as the best cloud practices.

      Solution architecture is implemented following the guidance and principles of Enterprise Architecture. It assists translation of business requirements into a solution vision, IT system specifications, technology choices, and backlog items to help you to build viable solutions and profitable business.

  • Software Development

    • Software development is the process of computer programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing in order to create, deploy, and maintain a software product and its applications and frameworks. We are committed to agile software development in which requirements and solutions evolve through the collaborative effort of self-organizing and cross-functional teams. The origins of agile software development delve from lean thinking which advocates e.g. adaptive planning, early delivery, and continuous improvement.

      Besides agile software development, we are devoted to establish a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably with the use of DevOps practises.

      SALabs is a unit within Siili that focuses on DevOps and new technical and service concepts around continuous software automation.

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  • Data Science

    • Data Science aims at extracting knowledge and insights from data in various forms. It uses methods, processes, algorithms, and systems for processing structured and unstructured data, such as tables, images, and transactions. Machine learning is a subfield of data science and it deals with systems that learn patterns from data, thus enabling machines to perform tasks that require human like qualities.

      Our data scientists combine domain and business knowledge, software engineering, and scientific methods to create value from your data. We can tackle your trickiest problems, whether they concern recommendation engines, natural language processing, machine vision or deep learning.

  • Data Engineering

    • Data engineering concentrates on developing the infrastructure and processes of organizations. It features architecturing, collecting, storing and processing data, as well as serving it to be utilized by data scientists, analysts, and business users. This means building and productionizing performant and robust enterprise data pipelines, which implement all necessary data wrangling, in cloud or hybrid environment.

      We have a holistic view on data. Our services cover not only the development of the data pipelines and assets, but also other aspects of data and information management, such as data governance, data quality, master data, privacy, and security. As data is transforming into a truly business critical component, we can help you to build consistent and resilient high quality data processes.

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  • Continuous Services

    • Every digital service has its own lifecycle, from development to maintenance, as long as it’s providing business value. We provide agile, end-to-end continuous services to ensure your business runs without interruptions, in case there are possible problems or new features that need proactive actions or integrations. Our continuous services ensure higher value for your investment and controlled cost efficiency during your solution’s whole lifecycle.

      Majority of modern digital solutions are ran on top of cloud platforms. We help you to choose the best platform for your solution, and make sure that the solution stays compatible with the platform, and that integrations are functional and changes are implemented as needed. Constant collaboration with the customer on different governance levels is a key factor to provide high quality service and to able to immediately react to changed needs.

Future Digital Opportunities

  • Finding Digital Opportunities, Visions & Strategies

    • Companies that fail to innovate, will eventually lose their competitive edge. We help you to find future opportunities, for new and improved businesses, and to design solutions that realize those opportunities.

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  • Creative Technology – Leveraging Opportunities

    • New technology holds potential. By combining our design and tech skills, our creative technology services help you to find opportunities or prove a potential in emerging technologies. Lately we have been working with technologies such as IOT, VR/AR/MR, AI, ML, Blockchain, and Quantum Computing to mention a few.

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  • Rapid Business Development

    • Our rapid business development service is an iterative approach for building new digital businesses, services, and products. We apply iterative build-measure-learn approach, combined with prototyping and growth design to enable the best possible product-market fit over time.

      We help you to scale solutions from first pilots to MVPs and full blown digital businesses. The work happens in teams and in close co-operations with you, so that the knowledge and value accumulation happens where it’s supposed to – at the client’s end.

Smart Operations

  • Transformation & Change Management

    • In order to be competitive in today’s markets, companies need to operate in a smart and nimble manner. We help you to organise and operate your development operations in an agile and human centric manner, which are success factors for great products. We deliver both competence and transformation programs as well as change management support.

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  • Operational Design

    • In addition to designing experiences, we help our clients to design the operational side of products and services. It’s equally important to design how a service is produced, as it is to craft the customer experience side of things.

  • Innovation Programs & Support

    • Companies that fail to innovate, lose their competitive edge. Innovation needs to be continuous and consistent. We help our clients to set up, run, and scale innovation operations into their daily work, and deliver innovation support from programs to spot-on tasks and smaller experiments.

      SALabs is a unit within Siili that focuses on DevOps and new technical and service concepts around continuous software automation.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) & Intelligent Automation

    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an enabler of efficiency and maximum value creation for people and business users who are currently handling various process transactions. It is emerging, yet proven technology for automating cost effectively repetitive and mundane tasks to improve productivity, employee satisfaction, and for lowering costs. Robotic workforce can enhance quality, lower risks, and ensure governance in every business sector.

      We offer full-scale Intelligent Automation and Robotic-as-a-Service (RaaS) services. RaaS is a Siili hosted and maintained cloud-based solution for securely managing and orchestrating software robots. License free open source technology ensures high technological capabilities, scalability, and cost efficiency. We as an RPA partner enable you to mainly focus on actual business needs and benefits, and continuous support services provide reliability to your business critical operations.

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  • Content Management Systems (CMS)

    • CMS market has been around for more than 20 years. Basically every organisation and company has their public website along with other possible subsites for products, campaigns, services, etc. running on one or more CMS platforms.

      Currently, the challenge is on reaching the user with personalized content and services with an appealing UI. In many cases web based services are the first and most commonly used contact points, and analysis of user journeys and continuously improving the user engagement is expected by our customers. We are experts in creating and developing these services that require additional and wide expertise to basic CMS delivery, including AI, ML, chatbots, IoT, and robotics. We design, develop, and maintain web solutions running on Content Management System (CMS) platforms which are used mainly as a basis for public websites, but also for intranets, extranets, and other e-services.

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Cloud & Data Platforms

  • Cloud Transformation

    • Cloud transformation is more than just change management. It changes the way an organization communicates and creates value. A business can go through cloud transformation starting from cloud-first approach and ending in fully integrated cloud-native enterprise with full cloud capability. Cloud transformation is the key in shortening the innovation cycle and lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) in any enterprise.

      We are your trusted partner in your cloud transformation journey from planning your transformation to having our experts implement the cloud platforms and services for you.

      Get to know our Siili Azure Studio, where our Azure experts reside.

  • Platform Definition & Development

    • Modern craftsmen need to implement features, like networking, that traditionally have been in the hands of operations departments. Cloud platforms, when done right, brings operations closer to development. Combining software development with cloud services, for example Machine Learning or API gateway, brings whole new possibilities and capabilities for a business to rapidly create new value.

      We create vendor independent platform solutions, and work tightly with data engineers as cross functional teams, to deliver stable cloud platforms for you.

  • DataOps & DevOps

    • DevOps is an integral part of modern software development, and especially so in cloud. Automating development and deployment pipelines make innovation cycles and time-to-market shorter and support building quality in the product.

      DataOps, on the other hand, is an approach to shorten the cycle time in data analytics by dedicated best practices and also using selected methods from DevOps.

      We take pride in utilizing the best modern tools and methodologies to automate the repeatable parts of software development lifecycle, so they can concentrate in the craftsmanship value creation.

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  • Data Platforms

    • Data platforms form the backbone of the data driven organizations. They provide a unified and holistic solution for ingesting, storing, and processing heterogenous enterprise data, from batch processed data to high frequency event streams. The underlying idea is to catalyze value creation in organization by making data available in all its corners, over the prevalent organizational silos and barriers.

      Our experts have vast experience on designing and architecting, implementing, as well as operating platforms in various industries. We can help and guide you through the whole life cycle of a modern data platform, whether you want a purely cloud-based or hybrid solution.  

  • API Management

    • Cloud APIs create brand new business opportunities by exposing new and legacy services for customers via APIs. It is also a totally new way of driving revenue and growth by tapping services into external innovations and making a platform extensible by those third parties.

      Quality API management and technologies are always part of tailored software development with us, be it private or publicly exposed APIs.

  • Integrations

    • Modern software is based on microservices architecture. More and more specialized components are chained together to implement required functionality end-to-end. Data integration involves combining data residing in different sources and providing users with a unified view of these data. Yet it is crucial that the service to the customer is seamless supporting wide variety of user interfaces. This requires well planned system integration architecture and implementation.

      Our integration architects have long history of working with different integration models and platforms. We are able to design and implement efficient solutions choosing best technology for each environment, whether it is based on an old-fashioned enterprise service bus or a cloud-native service mesh.

Siili Auto

Siili Auto

If you are looking for an Automotive Digitalisation partner, Siili Auto has all the knowledge and expertise you need.

We are a digital product development studio focused on the Human Machine Interface of next generation vehicles. 

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