Digital Experience Platforms

A Solid Base for Your Digital Experience

Digital Experience Platforms

The Relevance of Digital Experience Platforms

To meet the increased demands of both your customers and your business, a simple content management system (CMS) for your website, self-service portal, eCommerce solution or intranet may not be enough. Siili is an experienced partner that can help your organization excel with your digital platform needs.

Siili’s Value Promise for Digital Experience Platforms

Siili offers a unique combination of design expertise – service, UX and visual design – seamlessly combined with our technical expertise in DX platforms, data management and integrations for the benefit of your business and users.

We are capable of delivering both local and global websites, self-service portals and eCommerce solutions or any combination of these. We are technology agnostic, we support DXP solutions based on both open-source and Microsoft technology stack and we are happy to base our solutions on any public cloud or platform. We aim for long partnerships and are capable of providing continuous support for our solutions – even 24/7 if needed.  

Read more about our expertise on building demanding websites, self-service portals and eCommerce solutions below; explore our technology expertise in Drupal and Sitefinity; and read more about our free Platform Development Workshop. 



Digital Experience Platforms

Platform Based Website Solutions

What is a Digital Experience Platform?

A Digital Experience Platform (DXP) connects your organization with your customers, it’s not only just about managing the content of your websites, but also about aggregating content from your back-office systems and social media accounts to your multilingual multi-site website platform. It’s your digital storefront towards your customers – regardless of what device they might use to access your products and services.

Your DXP is a hub for capturing leads, automated marketing, and customer dialogue – all directed automatically to your back-office solutions such as CRMs and ERPs. Your DXP will also be your API management center, allowing the secure delivery of content to your mobile apps, single page apps and external websites. 

Heading towards personalized content

Your customers are no longer happy with a one-size fits all solution. They expect tailored, personalized content, the ability to interact with your website and a uniform digital experience, spanning all touchpoints such as websites, mobile apps, and emails. 

An experienced partner with a wide range of tested solutions for your diverse needs can support you in meeting these needs. We have an offering that considers both open source and proprietary software-oriented companies operating on all major cloud platforms. We provide traditional and headless solutions which can integrate seamlessly to your existing software landscape. We offer our selected platforms as tailored installations or as subscription-based SaaS services. 

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Digital Experience Platforms

Self-Service Portal Solutions

A DXP is also a great option for self-service portals, ranging from intranets to customer portals from dealer portals to self-service end-customer services. A DXP is the perfect solution for a self-service platform due to the built-in user management and ready-made integrations to authentication services. Its API driven data-hub approach is ideal for managing numerous integrations to back-office systems. 

Siili has over a decade of experience in delivering self-service portals both in our local market as well as for global companies. We now see a unique opportunity to expand our expertise into data and AI solutions as well as integration and customer software development expertise intended to expand your self-service portal in keeping with your user’s needs. 

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Digital Experience Platforms

Siili’s eCommerce Solutions

Siili has a solid eCommerce capability – especially in B2B solutions. We specialize in cases that demand more than just an eCommerce solution, such as solutions based on multiple data-sources with complex workflows. We never view eCommerce as a separate entity, more as a natural part of any modern self-service portal. It's no longer enough just to get information from a portal, you need to be able to also purchase products, services, spare parts, and consumables integral to your self-service experience.  

Siili is technology agnostic with its eCommerce solutions and thus capable of working with multiple platforms on multiple technology stacks. We have proven our capabilities with several demanding solutions in this field. 


Examples of Siili’s B2B eCommerce references
  • Mediq B2B webshop – a healthcare product wholesale company’s webshop for the Finnish healthcare market, headquartered in the Netherlands 
  • Francotyp Postalia Customer Portal — a global German-headquartered mailing, shipping, and office solutions company, a prime example of our holistic thinking where buying products is just one of the multiple features of the customer portal 

Get started with a Platform Development Workshop! 

Let’s get together and share our experiences in a low threshold, no commitment workshop. We offer you our experience to evaluate, ideate and help your business to reach your targets. After the workshop you can decide if you want to commit and in what way. 

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Digital Experience Platforms

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Digital Experience Platforms

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