Modern Age of Content Management


Modern Age of Content Management

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The CMS market has been around for more than 20 years. The basic industry and competitive tools are providing a wide range of functionalities and ways to extend the services. Basically, every organization and company has their public websites along with other possible dedicated subsites for products, campaigns, services, etc. running on one or more CMS platforms.

Content Management is evolving to more personal experience

Currently the challenge is not in the basic implementation of CMS and creating the content there. Instead, the challenge is in reaching the user with personalized content and services with an appealing and high quality User Interface.

Understanding the customer expectations and behavior is crucial. In many cases the web based services are the first and most commonly used contact points with the company. Analysis of user journeys and continuous improvement of the user engagement is expected by our customers. Creating and developing these services require additional and wide expertise from basic CMS delivery to AI, ML, chatbots, IoT, robotics, analytics, etc.

Case Wärtsilä: complete site renewal for better personalization

Wärtsilä is a global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. Their global website lacked features such as personalization with flexible and modern user experience on various devices.

Faced with a complex digital content ecosystem spanning three business units and regional sites for more than 50 locations and languages, the company’s existing content management system had become difficult to update, leaving websites lacking in the features that customers have come to expect – such as responsive design and mobile device compatibility.

After getting in touch with Progress partner Siili Solutions, Wärtsilä began envisioning a new site. Wärtsilä chose Progress® Sitefinity™ to redesign and relaunch a new website, and leveraged Sitefinity Digital Experience Cloud to personalize user experiences by serving tailored content recommendations based on each action a visitor took on the website.

Sitefinity enables Wärtsilä to give each prospect the attention they deserve. By tracking visitor behavior and personalizing their experience throughout the customer journey, Wärtsilä can move away from the “one message for all” approach and deliver highly tailored experiences for each prospect.


We delivered Wärtsilä a Sitefinity website running on AWS platform. Siili has 8 years of experience on AWS + Sitefinity combination with excellent track record. AWS is the most mature of current cloud computing platforms, and using services like CloudFront (CDN, Content Delivery Network) for high availability and secure low cost content delivery is a perfect match with the other services they offer.

Value from the right technology choices

AWS is our preferred partner in CMS projects. We have mastered the automation of the development pipeline into versatility that suit many different customer needs. Managing environments from sandboxes to integration and production is fully automated. Our reference architecture is not only cost effective but also global and highly scalable. Monitoring and disaster recovery comes build in with our process and solution.

Even though Sitefinity is monolith by design, AWS gives us the ability to enhance the functionalities with ease. Many customers run other web workloads alongside with Sitefinity and we implement and connect them in modern microservice and serverless architectures using the best DevOps practices.

CloudFront service is the key ingredient in deploying highly scalable and low cost CMS solution. When the content seldom changes, the requests seldom goes all the way to the Sitefinity server. The cache miss rate is only around 2-5% meaning extremely good performance from the customer website. With almost 200 points of presence it is also gives global availability with low cost.

Siili has a long experience in Content Management Solutions

We are a modern technology company with agile methods and 700+ innovative minds. Since 2005, Siili has crafted services for the digital age, bringing together the best of users, business, data and technology. Our award winning Sitefinity team has expertise in all areas of Sitefinity development and global reference cases to validate our claim.

We regularly expand the capabilities of CMSs with a group of services including analytics, AI, data gathering, IoT, commerce, chatbots, automated processes (robotics), automated marketing, integrations to other systems like CRM, PIM, ERP, etc. solutions.

Reach out to Harri Taro ( if you want to know more, or discuss how your problems can be solved!

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Jari Rantala

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