• Workshops

    Design is a powerful force, but one that is challenging to take advantage of in agile projects. Siili’s vision of creative and successful design is a strong one. Our sturdy experience makes us a reliable partner for projects where user experience is considered to be of great value.

    For us, design does not mean only resourceful planning and problem solving, but it is also a business-oriented and content-centric method of developing services. Siili has committed a wealth of effort to improving content centric design and design processes so that the client organisation (business, marketing, IT) can be made more unified and the services become both more successful and user-friendlier.

  • Prototype

    Design through prototyping has been proven to be successful, and it makes design both agile and completely transparent. Prototyping is a method that penetrates the entire design process, helping user interface design to achieve higher quality and a faster schedule than would be possible using traditional methods.

  • Design

    Designing digital services often means designing a user experience for a multiple terminal environment. In these projects the goal is to build the best possible user experience, using the fastest available methods, to the broadest audience possible (Responsive/Progressive Design). Siili has been implementing responsive services both large and small right from the beginning. Naturally, we do not limit ourselves to responsive implementations, but also make applications and services optimised for different mobile data terminals.


  • Skilled and Experienced

    Siili is a skilled and experienced software developer, independent of platforms and technologies. Our broad expertise ensures a smooth implementation process through a fast concept stage. Continuous monitoring makes it possible to react quickly when a change is necessary.

    We emphasize DevOps principles and aim for automation of manual tasks and continuous deployment. Every Siili knows what Clean Code means and provides well-crafted, high-quality software.

  • Best Tools and Technologies

    We always choose the tools and technologies that best suit the goals of our client, taking into account business goals, the client’s environment, non-functional requirements and availability of skills. This is made possible by our solid experience, competence and independence of technologies. We never put products, technologies and tools before our clients’ needs.

  • Story-based Working Methods

    We use a story-based working method when directing a project, which helps everyone understand what and why we are making and for whom. This is true also regarding non-functional requirements. The completion of each work stage is clearly defined, and the implementation team is committed to meeting this definition. This includes criteria of approval and testing.


  • Information Management

    As every business becomes more and more digital, we see holistic information management as one of the cornerstones in this new survival game, where the core business processes and people require the right data at the right place often in real time to make important decisions and perform business critical actions constantly without delay or error. By co-creating with our clients the processes, information architecture, governance models, data standards, data quality KPIs and master data hubs using proven best practices, we’re helping them raise their information management to a whole new level – matching the digital business ambitions.

    As digitalization moves forward, privacy matters become more and more important. Compliance with privacy requirements and regulations stipulate proper information management practices and governance.

  • Analytics and Big Data

    Analytics can be applied in an amazingly wide spectrum of situations – where there’s data, there should be analytics. We see that applications and digital services in general have to incorporate analytical end-to-end thinking starting from the design process. Ever growing number of sources and amounts of data, e.g. from the internet of things -applications, often require sophisticated Big Data capabilities in the data capture layer. But data alone, even when well governed and well managed, does not lead any business to success. Only by turning data into information and further into actionable insights can data really create competitive advantage. Data warehousing and business intelligence will not disappear, but there is a clear shift towards advanced analytics providing visualized insight to support data driven, optimized decisions based on huge amounts of data. Scalability provided by cloud solutions, free data sets and machine learning are some of the trends that will provide more and more cutting-edge solutions.

  • RPA & AI

    Globally we are entering the 4th industrial revolution, which will have a major impact on economic growth. Productivity gains are achieved by smart manufacturing, which is heavily resourced by robotics. This movement is already here – already by 2018, manufacturing costs in China will match the US.

    Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a fast-growing technology utilizing software robots as a form of a digital workforce that has the potential to offer dramatic improvements in productivity. Software robots can deliver a high level of accuracy, speed, and consistency while also offering strong auditability and scalability on large-scale process automation.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gradually entering business solutions. Once the quality and reliability of AI reaches adequate levels, RPA will be elevated to another level.

    More about the topic in our blog post.


  • Integrations

    Enterprise SW System is usually built over decades, and most of the functions are having legacy connections. Even the newest services and functions have to have connections to the existing resources and data, and therefore integrations are essential part of the overall solution and functionality. Our technologically agnostic approach for integrations is ensuring the unbiased and honest solution based on our customer’s needs and an existing enterprise software solution.

  • Lean Service Management

    An agile development process needs a supervisor with deep knowledge of the process, a product owner (PO). The client’s business needs a project manager (PM) for decision-making and project monitoring (ROI). The solution must be constructed so that it is optimised for the client’s data system and supports the client's essential data streams. The solution must fulfil the end user’s expectations. Thus, a Siili project supervisor focuses on what is being made, truly producing additional value while also providing a team of experts with the opportunity to decide on the technical proceedings. “From following the design to producing value.”

  • Architecture

    Siili’s solutions are built to suit the systems of our clients, and they are based on architecture that provides the best results for our clients. Our competence in architecture is among Finland’s finest, and we always use our client’s business processes and skills as the starting point. Our independence of different applications ensures client-oriented system development.