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Agile development for CRM and invoicing

Ten modules, millions of lines of code and twenty years of experience – all this is EnerimCIS, the Customer information (and billing) system (CIS) developed by Empower IM, a company functioning on the energy field.

“It’s quite a vast system that serves the different needs of energy companies. In EnerimCIS one can manage e.g. contract, customer and use place information that are automatically updated. For example, a customer of an energy provider company has a switchboard in their home, and its measuring device measures how much the customer is using power. This usage data is analyzed almost in real time and the data is forwarded to invoicing. Basically, EnerimCIS is a solution to manage the entity of customer data”, describes Kimmo Veki, the Head of Solution at EnerimCIS.



From monolith to modular

Empower and its subsidiary Empower IM develop solutions for digitalization and smart society, and their clients include various companies from the energy business field, all the way from power grids and telecommunications to power plants. Already in 1999, Empower developed the predecessor of EnerimCIS, Ellarex. With the learnings from developing Ellarex, the building of the new system was started.

“We were aware of the challenges of scaling up. The architecture of the system needed to be changed if we wanted to offer our service for big companies or bring in different support systems or new features. Together with a couple of energy companies we started to define our cooperation in 2012, and the end result is EnerimCIS”, Veki recounts the history of EnerimCIS.

Siili was participating in the development work by the start. The biggest difference to the previous system is that the new product is modular and scalable, and Siili has extensively been along with the development of every module.

”We chose Siili as it’s good and reliable enough as a partner, and there were also expansion options for cooperation. There hasn’t been anything negative to say about Siili’s work – what they promise is what we get.”

Kimmo Veki, Head of Solution, Empower IM

What we did

  • Architecture Solutions
  • System Design
  • Designing product development processes
  • UI Design
  • Software Development
  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Developer
  • Architect

Tech & Methods

  • C#
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Selenium
  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • DevOps
  • Kanban
  • JavaScript & jQuery
  • NHibernate
  • SQL

Reliability first

A system that is large and processes a lot of data needs to have a top-notch performance, and the system needs to function perfectly around the clock.

“It requires that all the updates are done in great quality and through a tight quality control. The principal in the design of the system has been that the system correlates to its meaning. With twenty years of experience we have learned a lot about this”, Veki says.

Siili has also been influencing to the reliability of Enerim CIS.

“We chose Siili as it’s good and reliable enough as a partner, and there were also expansion options for cooperation. There hasn’t been anything negative to say about Siili’s work ­– what they promise is what we get. Some of the Siilis have been in the project for seven years already, and there are developers, product owners, architects and team leads in the team”, Veki describes the cooperation.


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