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Antero Kivikoski returns to Siili as a Creative Director

Antero Kivikoski fills familiar shoes as he returns to Siili as a Creative Director on May 6th.

CI/CD pipeline for Sitecore Helix solution on Azure PaaS

My journey with Sitecore on Azure began in April this year when I got the opportunity to participate a one-day training for Sitecore partners in Copenhagen, Denmark, on the topic.

Programmers, this is how you break out of your comfort zone

Many of us programmers have a curious personality. New things are like a toy box to us: we just have to open it and explore. However, daily life is not always like that. Instead of looking for new...

Make an impact with white space, create emotion with typography

Making sure that the basics are in order is more important than visual fireworks and eye candy. Our Senior Visual Designer, Tommi Leskinen, writes about the importance of hierarchy, white space and...

Design thinking - how to avoid the 5 most typical pitfalls

Design thinking has attracted an increasing amount of attention in recent years. At its best, design thinking can be a major force for change. At its worse, superficial application results in wasted...

There is nothing to fear in agile software development

With agile software development, details are decided as development work progresses. Instead of using great effort to plan entire projects from start to finish, teams can genuinely build services and...

Automotive integrates high technologies into cars - Tomorrow’s driving experience is being created in Oulu

The digitalisation of cars is increasing rapidly at the moment and the team of over twenty Automotive experts at our Oulu site is growing apace. There is a strong spirit of getting things done and...

Going to production with Sitecore on Azure PaaS

A lot has happened since I started my journey with Sitecore and Azure a year ago. I’ve had the privilege to work on several Sitecore on Azure PaaS projects and therefore widen my expertise as well as...

Designing for kids is not just a play thing

Cyber bullying, inappropriate content, privacy issues, hate speech, and so on… Internet can be a harsh place for anyone, let alone if you are a child. And at the same time, this magic place offers a...
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