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Make nearshoring work for you

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In a recent article, Forbes suggests that nearshore remote teams can help businesses grow quickly by providing necessary talent within budget. These teams help expand team capacity and prevent investment in equipment and infrastructure. More businesses will adopt this strategy to access global talent and maintain cost competitiveness. Let’s look at the advantages of nearshoring below.

Specifics of nearshoring

Nearshoring is an increasingly popular strategic approach where organizations work with individuals or teams in neighboring countries to efficiently complete tasks and receive quality services. This practice is commonly used for outsourcing software development and technical support services. It offers numerous benefits such as access to specialized skills and expertise, increased flexibility in managing workloads, and a cost-effective approach to resourcing.


Companies in the sector seek foreign markets for employees and customers. The pandemic has challenged the idea of on-site IT consulting, allowing more foreign "near-shore" labor. However, wage inflation in cheaper labor countries has shifted competition towards better factors, not just lower costs.

Trust and Transparency

Cross-site teams require the same building blocks as single-site teams, but with a greater focus on trust, alignment, and cohesion. Achieving total transparency and a culture of psychological safety helps build strong mutual trust and support among team members. Face-to-face meetings are crucial for building interpersonal trust, and a culture of psychological safety is essential for optimal team performance.

Flexibility is Key 

We understand that every successful business requires guarantees, both for individuals and teams. Additionally, scalability is essential for any nearshore offering, as it allows for flexibility in resource provision. We recognize that circumstances can change, and we remain adaptable to accommodate changes in client needs.

Experience Matters

We have built our teams for our customers' needs and around the preferred domain to ensure domain understanding. We start small, define the best ways to communicate and operate together, and scale up or down depending on specific requirements. We have tackled the language barriers with native speaking customer facing professionals and any communication challenges with proxy people at differing locations. This long-term commitment to learning means we can say with confidence that we can Make It Real.


Example Delivery Models

  2. 1. Local Front – Mixed Development
    Cost savings for Finnish-speaking organizations
  • Finnish speaking local team combined with a distributed development team
  • Provides an easy access to Nearshore deliveries for Finnish speaking organizations with little prior experience on distributed delivery

  1. 2. Best of breed international team
    High performing teams for multinational organizations
  • Fully international team working in multi-location mode
  • Balanced optimization of skills and delivery locations
  • English as a working language
  • Face-to-face gatherings to foster a working team

  1. 3. Strategic multivendor approach
    Best individual talent for multivendor teams
  • Finding the best talent for multivendor teams from Siili locations and network
  • Individuals & teams working under customer supervision
  • Finding niche talent as well as optimizing costs and right skills for the task


Ever evolving needs

Nearshoring involves numerous factors to consider, including location, resource capabilities, deployment speed, and suitability of the resources. At Siili, we have a wealth of experience in providing nearshore services that cater to our clients’ evolving needs. We prioritize effective communication, including the ability to communicate in different languages. Our focus is on delivering quality services, rather than compromising on quality for cost savings.

Make a Considered Choice 

If you're looking for reliable and cost-effective software development services, it's time to consider nearshore services. With skilled professionals located both in Finland, and in neighboring countries, you can benefit from high-quality development with all the inherent flexibility you need. Contact us to learn how we can help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively. Let Siili Make It Real.

Forbes, How To Benefit From Nearshore And Offshore Staff Outsourcing by Pedro Barboglio. 6th March, 2023

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