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Azure Landing Zone – A foundation for your cloud workloads

Time and again it happens that we start to build something small, then later we expand it and realize that it grew too fast and uncontrolled. And now is a mess, an uncontrollable big ball of Mud, so to speak. Sadly, this has happened more times we can count despite our best efforts and intentions. Migrating workloads or building cloud-native software of enterprise-scaled proportions often falls victim to this outcome. And something like this is likely to happen when you build your infrastructure without a proper Cloud Governance model.


Secure DevOps

Secure DevOps

In this blog post, I will be discussing security in DevOps and how it might seem challenging for some, but it is just as much of a routine as anywhere else. I’ll show some good practices for teaming up DevOps and security and some statistics about the current situation of security in Cloud-native environments that can aid you in the cooperation of security and DevOps.  



Siili One and a risk-sharing salary model in the software industry

In spring 2019, Siili launched Siili One, its new subsidiary, which employs experienced software specialists who need a challenge. Siili One means a return back to the roots of Siili – to a risk-sharing salary model. Its purpose is to find the right talent for the right project at the right time, without any unnecessary fuss. In this text, I will tell you what Siili One means for employees, partners and customers.



Programmers, this is how you break out of your comfort zone

Many of us programmers have a curious personality. New things are like a toy box to us: we just have to open it and explore. However, daily life is not always like that. Instead of looking for new things we can end up repeating routines. When I noticed that I was getting into a rut, I started to fight against it by actively developing myself.