Siili One and a risk-sharing salary model in the software industry

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In spring 2019, Siili launched Siili One, its new subsidiary, which employs experienced software specialists who need a challenge. Siili One means a return back to the roots of Siili – to a risk-sharing salary model. Its purpose is to find the right talent for the right project at the right time, without any unnecessary fuss. In this text, I will tell you what Siili One means for employees, partners and customers.

Siili One for employees: a fair salary in the software industry

About 15 years ago, Siili was the first software company in Finland to introduce a risk-sharing salary model – a true coder’s dream. Now, Siili One returns to this playing field, stronger than ever.

Employees of Siili One receive 50% of customer invoicing as their gross salary. For talented professionals, this model can produce significant earnings. In addition, employees are able to have a notable impact on the content and amount of their work.

They bear more responsibilities than usual for their workloads and the maintenance of their skills. However, no employee is left to their own devices. All employees are supported by a customer procurement team of nearly 25 people, excellent customer relationships and a hefty training budget.

Employees are also otherwise like in a real employment relationship: they can enjoy all the fringe benefits of a large company, high-quality tools and an adequate base salary to offer security and to balance any downtime between projects.

Therefore, Siili One is the number one choice for entrepreneurial and independent software specialists who do not need any entertainment during the day and who do not want to take the risk of running their own business.

Siili One for partners: long-term projects for skilled talents

Partners are important to Siili. Throughout its history, Siili has grown strongly. Siili’s organic growth is strategically based on recruitment, but also tactically on its partners. We are always looking for the right talent for the right position at the right time. This is why we do not offer separate jobs for our employees and for our partners. Instead, everyone carries out the same valuable work: some as employees and others as partners.

We can provide our partners with the most attractive projects among the industry’s leading customers. Primarily, we offer full-time and long-term projects. Because both work in similar projects, we set as high standards for skills and ethics for our employees and our partners. The selection between an employee and a partner is always based, above all, on skills and their suitability for each specific project.

When it comes to partnerships, business activities, of course, need to be profitable for both parties. This is why we divide earnings fairly with our partners. In addition to high compensation, we offer fair agreements and aim to find new projects for our valuable partners. We want to hold on to good partners, similarly to our productive employees.

Siili One for customers: committed professionals for IT projects

For many long-term customers of Siili, Siili One employees have already become a concept and a guarantee of a high level of quality and a high return on investment. Siili One recruits experienced solution-oriented professionals with high work ethics, whose productivity has been excellent, without exception: these people do not concentrate on how many hours they work, but on what kinds of results they produce.

Even if Siili One is not a familiar concept to a customer, its services may well be: Siili One specialists have worked and are working in various roles and situations among Siili’s key customers, without making any fuss of themselves. They are working in software development, either as members of teams and projects or as independent consultants. What all of them share is high customer satisfaction.

The partner network of nearly 200 companies significantly improves the ability of Siili One to deliver the right skills for the right needs at the right time. Furthermore, the use of partners does not, in any way, increase the price charged from customers. We are not only fast, we also know our partners and enter into subcontracting agreements. Siili One is responsible for the work of its partners as it is for its own work.

In addition, Siili One ensures that all partners are skilled and suitable for the project at hand, and that they also meet the requirements set out in the Act on the Contractor’s Obligations and Liability when Work is Contracted Out. Siili has developed its partner network for several years now, while being fair and respectful towards its partners. This is why our partners are committed and want to continue to work with us, just like our own employees.

Siili One – for a better level of services

What makes Siili One unique? It works roughly in the same areas where many of its competitors are productive and where Siili has also been successful, long before Siili One. What is more, we do not even think about being far ahead of the rest. However, as we continue to do our job, every day and in every area and every time a little better, we are on our way to becoming a winning team.

Whether you are weighing us from the viewpoint of a customer, employee or partner, we have something to offer you. Contact us or check our vacancies and boldly challenge us to serve you, a little better every day.


Written by

Mika Rosslyn

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