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5 Ways to Ensure Your Design System Won't Fail

Design systems have been a hot topic in the industry for a good while - promising measurable development time savings in new features, consistency across user interfaces and ability to centrally manage brand in digital products. With such benefits, some of the world’s largest companies – ranging from Microsoft to IBM to Google – have been advocating for the design system way of expanding their product portfolios.



Siili One and a risk-sharing salary model in the software industry

In spring 2019, Siili launched Siili One, its new subsidiary, which employs experienced software specialists who need a challenge. Siili One means a return back to the roots of Siili – to a risk-sharing salary model. Its purpose is to find the right talent for the right project at the right time, without any unnecessary fuss. In this text, I will tell you what Siili One means for employees, partners and customers.