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Accelerate your data and AI journey

AI & Data

Making data & AI work for your business

Masses of unproductive data stored in multiple places combined with business silos isn’t a recipe for business transformation.

Data modernization projects often fall short simply because they are too focused on IT. Utilizing data in decision making is deemed to be too complex and as result, AI projects fail to create real impact.

We help you exploit new opportunities through insights and automation provided by data and trustworthy, ethical use of artificial intelligence.


Siili AI & Data Services

Our interdiciplinary team helps you create novel solutions with high business impact.

We adopt what we call a POD3 approach. This lightweight, streamlined approach is designed specifically to avoid bottlenecks. We implement a spearhead concept for complex business challenges merging the capacity of three top experts in design,  AI & data engineering. We then experiment through prototyping over the course of just a few weeks. This means a moderate investment will lead to rapid and tangible deliverables.



Develop AI from zero to prototype in 2 weeks

The AI Design Sprint™ is designed to help bridge the gap between business and technology, by bringing non-technical people to the table to learn, explore, ideate and prototype on the value of AI for your organization.

AI & Data

Harness the possibilities of AI

In today’s complex business landscape, a traditional approach to problem solving will no longer suffice.

  • Inform business design through data & AI

    We believe in bridging IT and business to empower decision making. We pair human focused design thinking with data & AI to ensure the benefits extend way beyond technology.

  • AI Design Sprint™

    A pioneering method to map your AI opportunities. Our experience in digital design thinking and rapid prototyping allows a rapid transition from idea to innovative implementation.

  • Operationalize your data and AI in the Cloud

    Modern cloud data & analytics platforms, MLOps, decision intelligence all play a role in ensuring a seamless ecosystem of information sharing.

  • Introduce insight driven customer experience

    Create loyalty, increase engagement, discoverability, and conversion with a better understanding of audiences. Also optimize asset usage or pricing and provide personalization / recommendations.

  • Act responsibly with Trustworthy AI

    Future proof your business with human-centric, responsible, ethical and reliable AI solutions and governance.

AI & Data

Technologies & Partners

We work with the leading industry partners and open source products supported by large communities. 

  • Microsoft

    We’re proud to be a Microsoft Gold Partner that operates in Azure Data Architecture, Analytics and Machine Learning. 

  • AWS

    We are working with forerunner companies building advanced analytics capabilities and ML Operations in AWS.

  • Snowflake

    Get more out from your data by leveraging Snowflake’s Data Cloud, open and extensible technology that allows you to easily connect to nearly any tool or application.

  • Databricks

    Automate data transformation and processing and streamline the end-to-end data science workflow — from data prep to modeling to sharing insights.

  • Datavault Builder

    Enable full historization and audibility for your data using Datavault Builder Data Warehouse automation tool covering all aspects and phases of a DWH.

AI & Data

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AI & Data

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