Meet our people

Scrum Master


Scrum Master and ex-TV star
"I can exploit my creativity and skills widely here at Siili. I like the fact that you can try out different paths and choose the one that’s most suited to you"
Business & Service Design


Business & Service Design Lead and a singer
"I’ve been able to do a lot of cross-functional work with my colleagues. Right now, I’m learning more about data architectures and how to combine them with business design"
Front-end development


Front-end Developer and an internet stylist
“Even though Siili is a rather big company, here you can make things happen easily. I like the lack of corporate atmosphere.”

Why Siili?

We are a community of digital craftsmen who love what they do. Today we want to be better than yesterday. We believe in lean start-up, continuous improvement, co-creation and transparency. As talented experts we enjoy freedom and responsibility. In Tribal Network we share thoughts and support each other.

Additionally to the best colleagues and projects on the field, we are also offering the benefits below.

Competence development




Child care service

Health care

Sport events

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