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Kimmo Kuusinen – Senior UX Designer

Dreaming of an electric Harley Davidson and a modernised house from the 50s. Kimmo Kuusinen is not satisfied with ready-made solutions for pretty much anything. From digital services and computers to motorcycles and houses, he rebuilds things or even builds them from scratch.



Miia Järvenpää – Senior Data Engineer

Miia Järvenpää has had a long and winding journey from being the only woman at the meeting table to being part of an equal work community. Because of her own experiences, she is now encouraging other women to enter the industry and take pride in their achievements.



Azure Landing Zone – A foundation for your cloud workloads

Time and again it happens that we start to build something small, then later we expand it and realize that it grew too fast and uncontrolled. And now is a mess, an uncontrollable big ball of Mud, so to speak. Sadly, this has happened more times we can count despite our best efforts and intentions. Migrating workloads or building cloud-native software of enterprise-scaled proportions often falls victim to this outcome. And something like this is likely to happen when you build your infrastructure without a proper Cloud Governance model.



New research shows: These are the four key factors to retain women in the IT field

Uneven gender distribution is a well-known issue in the IT field. IT Companies have been looking for new ways to attract women to the industry, and gender distribution is slowly narrowing. However, turnover in the IT sector is high and studies show that women leave the sector more often than men. We wanted to help IT companies understand the ways in which women can be retained as employees and conducted a study amongst our female employees.



Matti Lupari – Software Architect

Finding peace in kilometres. Once you have seen the biggest boom and the worst downfall of the IT industry, you are no longer startled by small bumps in the road. Matti Lupari knows that the same rule applies equally to life, IT and riding a bike: rushing gets you nowhere. Life finds its way.