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Stay in the loop and in the know. Gathered here, you will find a collection of news, insider insights, expert notes and success stories that will keep you both inspired and informed about what’s going on at Siili.

Revisiting the Data Leaders' Roundtable event: Key insights

Data and AI leaders face growing regulative demands and need to get ready by cultivating a compliant-by-design data innovation culture. The main takeaway from...

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Exploring the impact: 10 real-world applications of Generative AI

Unlike previous technological innovations, Gen AI exhibits strikingly human-like capabilities. It has the potential to augment human intellect with an...

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Euro goes digital: Key talking points from Siili's Composable Banking Ep. 2

Sointu highlights the project's current phase, the potential costs, privacy concerns, and the impact on banks' competitiveness. Together with Leo, they...

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Navigating the growth of AI and the EU Data Act cover image

On the Edge of a new era: Navigating the growth of AI and the EU Data Act

Today, web and mobile apps are somewhat common, yet we still encounter areas untouched by digitalization. For instance, a few months back, I needed to send a...

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Year 2023 for Siili: changes in the market — focus on efficiency and AI

Outlook for 2024 and financial goals for 2025–2026 Revenue for 2024 is expected to be EUR 120–140 million and adjusted EBITA EUR 7.5–10.5 million. On 11 May...

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Banking is back in business: exploring the future of banking with finance pioneers

“Banking is back in business! After an extended period of zero and negative interest rates, good old traditional banking is back again,” Ayub says.

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The new era of B2B digital experiences: Strategies for success

Nowadays, customers anticipate an experience that not only meets functional and accessibility standards but also creates a 'wow' effect. This expectation comes...

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Composable banking backend will revolutionize the financial sector

Banking services as we see them are soon long gone. In an era defined by instantaneous demands, the financial sector has been compelled to evolve since...

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Premise of a Functional Banking Ecosystem

The philosophy was first launched by Mambu, then later incorporated in more accepted general vocabulary by other core banking vendors. Composable banking is...

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Revolutionizing B2B Web Presence in Manufacturing: Paving the Way for Efficiency and Excellence

‘Wow, that’s amazing! ’ This is the reaction that today’s consumers expect from their digital experiences. Instead of reasonable or functional, consumers want...

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