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Premise of a Functional Banking Ecosystem

Premise of a Functional Banking Ecosystem

Ecosystem thinking has become mainstream when banks and banking providers are considering solutions for renewing banking platforms. Typically, the options are to rely on a single vendor strategy, or to consider a multivendor approach. The contemporary version of the multivendor approach is also referred to as composable banking. The philosophy is based on modern technology that enables the selection, and ultimately the connection of, best of breed solutions.



Revolutionizing B2B Web Presence in Manufacturing: Paving the Way for Efficiency and Excellence

In today's fast-paced world, businesses across industries are striving to adapt, innovate, and cut costs simultaneously. It’s not always glitz and glam, but sometimes merely glitch and spam. Matti Kiviluoto, an Advisor and Team Builder at Siili, shares his insights into the evolving landscape of B2B web presence and self-service within the manufacturing sector and gives his recipe for a smoother customer experience.



Siili Solutions Wins Prestigious Service Design Award With Nemo

Helsinki, 6.10.2023 – Siili Solutions, a full-service software company, is thrilled to announce its recent victory at the prestigious Service Design Award, presented by the Service Design Network (SDN). The Nemo project, recognized for its excellence in service design, is poised to revolutionize Finland's maritime sector, enhancing national productivity, competitiveness, and addressing industry needs.



Digital transformation in banking: How not to fail

Renewing a banking solutions requires assembling an open-minded and experienced team that embraces the unique nuances of each transformation project. A multitalent with deep understanding of bank’s current legacy systems and business acumen can prove to be your most valuable asset in the future.



How to make inclusive culture real

A popular conversation, especially during Pride month, is the topic of being able to be yourself and be comfortable at your workplace. The benefits of inclusivity and diversity are now much more widely appreciated and the connection to the employee’s well-being is better understood. This all has a positive impact upon diversity, equity and inclusion within companies (DEI).