IT Trends 2022

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IT Trends 2022

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Where is the IT-field going next? What can we expect from the year 2022? We asked few of our experts from different areas of expertise. Here is what they said.

We asked few of our experts from different areas of expertise. Here is what they said.

Sanna Vainionpää, Principal Consultant, Digital Strategy Director in DX Commercial: 

1. The first pioneering organizations are beginning to realize the importance of ethical and transparent AI and have the chance to stand out from other actors.

2. Affected by Covid, the position of e-commerce is further strengthened and the offline retail must reinvent itself in order to survive. One way to for renewal is to bring personalization to digital channels and serve customers more meaningfully.

3. Digital value creation and data capability are increasingly being sought in ecosystems that transcend organizational boundaries.


Sami Laine, Competence Lead in Data Engineering: 

The number one 2022 trend for data management is Data as a Shared Product.
Industrial product development practices have influenced software product development while data has been treated as an after-thought and side-effect. Data productization has gained new momentum resulting into hype-terms like Data Mesh and technologies like Data Exchanges. During the year 2022 we will see more and more technologies, approaches and implementations that focus on packaging data as a product for wide variety of customers, protected by contracts and quality controls, and governed by product development practices.


Ferrix Hovi, Head of DevOps:

My prediction is that DevOps continues to spread even deeper into the Business Agility and Developer Experience domains. The increasing number of companies unlocking the first benefits of automation and improved feedback loops and find organisational friction outside of IT. This motion is amplified by the workforce mobilised by the great resign. The human side of DevOps, agility and IT in general should raise to the occasion.The big trends will continue and gain market share: cloud, containers, serverless, digitalisation in general.


Heimo Laukkanen, Consultant, Craftmanship Tribe: 

Our industry can look like a fashion driven mad house, but under all the hype there are solid trends that keep on moving forward. These are my not so hot takes about important trends to focus on:

1) Devops

2) Cloud native patterns

3) Event driven systems

Devops continues to be the important theme that connects all of us to look at the value delivery capabilities as a whole.As a continuum to devops movement, cloud native patterns codify ideas that enable organisations to build and operate better services. It is means to achieve business agility and reach business goals.And finally as a very specific trend I want to emphasise event driven systems. Event driven design is a powerful technique and tactic to build agility and scalability when properly used.I work at Siili as a consultant in Craftmanship-tribe and spend most of my time desiging and building software systems that solve business problems for the greater good.


Kenneth Lindfors, Vice President of Digital Experience: 

According to Gartner, the business value of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is forecast to reach $3.9 trillion in 2022, and represents the most disruptive class of technologies of the next decade. I predict that the biggest contributor driving value to be AI Augmentation – where people and AI work together to enhance cognitive performance.


Harri Suonikko, Business Development Director, SKALER:

In 2022, I ambitiously expect the focus of intelligent automation/hyperautomation to shift from small isolated tasks to entire end-to-end processes and workflows. We are already seeing signs of such movement as companies have recently adopted automation as one of their strategical incentives.

Written by Sara Keinänen



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