Mirkka - Front-end Developer and an internet stylist

Mirkka - Front-end Developer and an internet stylist

HTML, CSS, and Javascript – those are Mirkka’s weapons of choice in her work as a Front-end Developer. She’s been in the house since 2010, and has worked both at the office and at the clients’ premises, in various projects.

“Basically, what I do, is make internet pretty”, Mirkka laughs. “I have done a lot of website projects with Sitefinity, as well as projects that have not applied CMS”, she continues.

When the work of an internet stylist gets tricky, there is always the backup of a good Siili team.

“When venturing out of my comfort zone, there are always people I can ask for help”, Mirkka smiles.

Recently Mirkka has been exploring how to better apply accessibility on website projects.

“It requires a bit more effort, but I appreciate how accessibility makes websites better to use for everyone”, Mirkka explains.

Making an impact is something that Mirkka recognizes as part of the Siili culture as well.

“Even though Siili is a rather big company, here you can make things happen easily. I like the lack of corporate atmosphere”, she says.

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