Esko – Technical Solution Specialist and a code enthusiast

Esko – Technical Solution Specialist and a code enthusiast

Code. Esko likes code, and especially clean code. He likes efficient code. Back-end code as well as front-end code. Esko likes object oriented code. And functional code of course, as well as asynchronous code. He really likes reactive code, and code that generates more code. Code which defines new functionality to existing code. Most of all, Esko likes to produce all kinds of code, all kinds.

When sometimes code is ugly, then Esko likes to clean it up. Sometimes that means breaking the code into tiny bits to make it beautiful again. Sometimes code doesn’t have documentation. Esko likes writing just enough documentation to describe code. Sometimes he complements his code with metadata. He likes taking Enterprise code and turning it into lean code. They are not mutually exclusive. Both can be served with code. Esko likes that.

Overly abstract designs and pointers confuse Esko. Duplicated code and code without any kind of coherence or structure is also confusing. As well as missing error handling. But in general, code doesn’t confuse Esko. Unless it’s PHP. That he finds confusing.

"Automated tests are good. Automated Continuous Delivery is awesome. Thorough acceptance testing is good. But not as good as properly tested code. I like to write code with proper tests", Esko says.

If you would consult Esko on gathering user experience testimonials from end users, he will most probably ask if he can write some A/B testing code. If you consult him on building a new complex service, he will ask to code a prototype first. And if you consult Esko on managing the project, he will ask you if you can use lean methodologies and write the project code incrementally.

"I've learned to write code entirely through practice with some appreciated help from schools I've been to. Along the lines I've picked up related technologies and skills and developed a personal interest to technical project management as that tends to be an aspect that no one else seems to love while I find it extremely interesting. But for the most part, I like code," Esko states.

"If you like code, join Siili. We like code."