Kristian Valkama started as Intelligent Automation tribe lead

Kristian Valkama has recently started as Siili’s Intelligent Automation (IA) tribe lead. Kristian has a strong background in start-ups and international business development, and he jumped on the Siili bandwagon from the position of Vice President of Cloubi Ltd, a company developing a SaaS-based content production system.

Commercializing new technologies and helping clients with the digitalization of their business are Kristian’s core competencies, and he plans to continue working with these themes in IA.

"The first step for us is to draft a more scalable offering and productize IA’s
service. We’re also developing tools that help our clients identify what
"intelligent" in intelligent automation stands for", Kristian says.

As the competitive advantage of IA Kristian sees an open approach and being a forerunner in RPA.

"Solutions with commercial licenses have thus far dominated the field of RPA, but open source RPA supports a business-driven approach to process automation", Kristian contemplates.

Learning and developing new

Being on the cutting edge of new technologies is what made Kristian, a half Brit half Finn who lives in Tampere, interested in Siili.

"I knew a couple of people from Siili so I asked about Siili’s culture and ways of doing. I have heard a lot of good about the tribal network and about Siili’s people in general, and the first impression has only affirmed this", Kristian smiles.

Continuous learning and development are at the core of Siili’s values, and at his new job Kristian hopes to learn more about the management culture and technology operations in Siili’s scope.

"I also hope that I can bring my own expertise on productizing and internationalizing new business to the table", Kristian ends.



Written by Leena Viitanen


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