Dad Challenge wins Miehen työ 2019 award

Siili has been awarded with Miehen työ 2019 award for Isähaaste aka Dad Challenge!

Tane, the Council for Gender Equality, gives the award yearly to a person or party that has promoted gender equality especially from the point of view of men and boys. This year the emphasis was on the promotion of balance between work and family, and Dad Challenge is all about that.

Dad Challenge ( is a movement that Siili has been a part of, and our CEO Timo Luhtaniemi and Senior UI Developer Joona Haavisto have actively been promoting the challenge in media and events by telling about their experiences as working dads.

The challenge is about having a fulfilling career and a close relationship with a child as a dad. Siili as one of the initiators of the campaign believes that a healthy work/family balance benefits the employer as well, and that father-friendly leadership promotes equality for both men and women.

We are extremely happy and proud to receive the Miehen työ award and will continue the work to promote equality in everything we do!


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