Antero Kivikoski returns to Siili as a Creative Director

Antero Kivikoski fills familiar shoes as he returns to Siili as a Creative Director on May 6th.

Kivikoski, who has made a long career as a designer and a creative director, will make his comeback at Siili from the position of HiQ Finland’s Chief Design Officer & Business Area director, in which he has worked for the past couple of years.

“At HiQ I commercialized design processes and developed new design services, coached management teams of different companies, and acted as an advisor in several projects revolving around digital strategy and creating new business and service concepts”, Kivikoski tells.

At Siili, Kivikoski will focus on the sales of Siili’s design expertise, business development, and developing the design competence of Siili’s special solution tribes. During the years 2015–2017 Kivikoski acted as the creative director of innovation and design service development. He implemented e.g. the Design Thinking methodology to Siili’s practices and built the basis of Siili Academy during his stint.

Kivikoski is excited about his comeback.

“I’ve seen and heard so many good things about Siili’s new organization and its solutions tribes that I cannot wait to see this next version of Siili”, Kivikoski says.

Siili’s SVP, Key Accounts, Pasi Ropponen has very positive expectations on the return of Kivikoski.

“Antero will bring to Siili a lot of robust competence on leading design and business development, and a dash of creative spontaneity which is needed to create and support new business at Siili’s solution tribes”, Ropponen says.

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