Sanna – Business & Service Design Lead and a singer

Sanna – Business & Service Design Lead and a singer

Sanna started at Siili back in 2015, after having worked with digital concepts and business & service design for years. She has a holistic view on the matters at hand, and likes when both the long-term plans and short-term profits meet.

In client projects Sanna has lead and helped other team members, and developed her own competence in the meanwhile.

“I’ve been able to do a lot of cross-functional work with my colleagues. Right now, I’m learning more about data architectures and how to combine them with business design”, Sanna says.

Team work is also very important in Sanna’s dear hobby, singing. She belts out at the Academic Female Choir KYN, and has traveled around the world in competitions with the choir – and quite successfully.

“We won 2 gold medals and the Grand Prix in the Grand Prix of Nations, in February 2017. Besides the choir, I also sing in a band and a vocal ensemble, music is a big part of my life”, Sanna smiles.

Living an active life is not something that applies to Sanna’s free time only. She’s very keen on making things happen at Siili as well.

“You’re able to impact things at Siili – if you’re active and want to make a difference, you’re given the freedom to do so”, Sanna states.