Jenny – Scrum Master and an ex-TV star

Jenny – Scrum Master and an ex-TV star

In her past, Jenny was a producer, script writer, director, and a TV host. IT business was not familiar to her, but she saw an opportunity to both share her insight and learn more at Siili.

“My initial goal was to offer my knowhow on developing Siili’s various communications channels, but in the end I was able to work on a much broader scale”, Jenny explains.

She expanded her range with the help of her Tribe Leader, and quickly found herself doing the jobs of a Scrum Master, photographer, and video producer, among others.

“I can exploit my creativity and skills widely here at Siili. I like the fact that you can try out different paths and choose the one that’s most suited to you”, she says.

Jenny also likes the relaxed culture among her colleagues.

“Our talent team has done really good recruitment – the people at Siili have a shared culture in terms of ways of working and having fun together at Siili clubs”, Jenny affirms.