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Azure Landing Zone – A foundation for your cloud workloads

Time and again it happens that we start to build something small, then later we expand it and realize that it grew too fast and uncontrolled. And now is a mess, an uncontrollable big ball of Mud, so to speak. Sadly, this has happened more times we can count despite our best efforts and intentions. Migrating workloads or building cloud-native software of enterprise-scaled proportions often falls victim to this outcome. And something like this is likely to happen when you build your infrastructure without a proper Cloud Governance model.



Common misconceptions about cloud services for companies

Cloud services provide companies with such significant benefits that there is often no return to on-premises software after you have had your taste of the cloud. Every organisation should be interested in the benefits and risks of cloud services. However, the deployment of cloud services involves many misconceptions that I will set straight below.



Going to production with Sitecore on Azure PaaS

A lot has happened since I started my journey with Sitecore and Azure a year ago. I’ve had the privilege to work on several Sitecore on Azure PaaS projects and therefore widen my expertise as well as work on some best practices along the way. As an example I want to share you how to build CI/CD pipelines in VSTS using modern DevOps techniques. What does it really take to run Sitecore on Azure PaaS?