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Our own Siili Bloggers will tell you how it is – whether it is a real life work story or a deeper overview on how the digital world is shaping.

Crafting digital experiences – A digital marketing maturity and personalization capabilities map

Most organizations, regardless of industry, want to assure a personalized customer experience. Yet, finding the right approach and investment level is not always easy. 

Secure DevOps

In this blog post, I will be discussing security in DevOps and how it might seem challenging for some, but it is just as much of a routine as anywhere else. I’ll show some good practices for teaming...

Recommender engines – the journey from rule-based systems to machine learning applications

Most companies operating in e-business in industries such as retail, media and digital entertainment face the question of recommendation and personalization: how to personalize their website for each...

Crafting a Customer Experience Strategy

A dynamic Customer Experience strategy drives customer lifetime value.

Maximize customer lifetime value with data, analytics and machine learning

Customer experience is a strategic objective in virtually all companies. Yet, delivering the desired experience systematically across all customer touchpoints can impose challenges. Since customer...
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