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Stay in the loop and in the know. Gathered here, you will find a collection of news, insider insights, expert notes and success stories that will keep you both inspired and informed about what’s going on at Siili.

Ally, not enemy: Talking AI with Siili's lead designer Aino Makkonen

Aino looks at the world with one eye that's strategic and one that's empathetic. In a rapid-fire interview, we picked her brains on the role of AI in the...

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AI Revolution in design: Insights from Caroline Chang Liu

In the interview, Caroline shares her insights on:

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Transforming software development in the age of AI

Among other things, Marko talks about leveraging AI to enhance workflows, Siili's strategic collaborations with tech partners like Microsoft Azure and AWS, and...

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Hanna Hagstrom on Strategic integration and industry impact

Embracing AI: Strategic integration and industry impact

In this extensive interview, we talked about the growing adoption of artificial intelligence in the business world, the necessity of skill development, and its...

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Using ChatGPT for strategic software architecture decisions

The decisions made with the implementation team each day define the overall success of the project, and a conversational model can give us that extra hand to...

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Revisiting the Data Leaders' Roundtable event: Key insights

Data and AI leaders face growing regulative demands and need to get ready by cultivating a compliant-by-design data innovation culture. The main takeaway from...

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Exploring the impact: 10 real-world applications of Generative AI

Unlike previous technological innovations, Gen AI exhibits strikingly human-like capabilities. It has the potential to augment human intellect with an...

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Navigating the growth of AI and the EU Data Act cover image

On the Edge of a new era: Navigating the growth of AI and the EU Data Act

Today, web and mobile apps are somewhat common, yet we still encounter areas untouched by digitalization. For instance, a few months back, I needed to send a...

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AI-assisted software development vs. the traditional way

AI-assisted development is set to revolutionize the IT industry, bringing about significant changes. With this in mind, we wanted to conduct a test project to...

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Using AI tooling for writing aid

If you have not read the blog yet, it summarizes and highlights some key insights from the AWS (Amazon Web Services) Summit I attended in Stockholm this May...

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